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I like to drive from hood/bonnet cam, but I'd like to hear interior sound. Is it possible?

At the moment, you can use a workaround.

When you are in the cockpit:

- open console (key "Home")
- write "set driverEye.z n" (without quotes, where n is a numeric value, i.e. 1. Pay attention, case sensitive!)
- press Enter

The point of view will move forward (if you put a positive number). Combine it with "set driverEye.x n" and "set driverEye.y n" to set the point of view according to your tastes.

Sound through my surround/5.1 speakers setup is "muffled" and the engine sound is low

Please be sure that you have selected the right playback device in windows and the proper audio device driver in the "Audio" app in game.

Engine volume is too loud when playing in chase cam

This is related to 5.1/surround speakers setup. At the moment, volumes are balanced for 2.1/stereo speakers setup.

If you want, you can manually edit the file related to exterior audio.

- browse Assetto Corsa game folder -> content -> cars -> carmodel -> sfx
- open engine.ini (make a backup before editing)
- find this line: MIX_VOLUME=x.xx (where x is a numeric value)
- edit the value. The higher the number, the louder the exterior engine volume. Don't exceed too much or it will distort.
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