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Use menus with mouse-steering enabled

Pressing CTRL+M toggles mouse steering functionality so you can access the in-game UI.

My wheel is not centered or my pedals aren't registering their full amount of travel

Please try recalibrating your wheel using Window's calibration panel:
  • Go to control panel/devices and printers;
  • Right click on the device's icon and select "game controller settings";
  • In the window that appears click on the "properties" button (you might need to hold CTRL+SHIFT when you click on "properties" to get all the options in the following window) go to "settings" and then "calibrate..." .
This can happen when the driver keeps calibration data cached.
For Logitech users, Logitech provides a "Clear Calibration Utility" available here:


My wheel shakes on straights

Usually this issue is related to a too high Force Feedback gain parameters.
Assuming that your Windows profiler settings are at default, you can try the following methods:
  • Go in Options menu, then "Controls -> Advanced" page;
  • Lower the "gain" value;
  • Lower the FFB enhanced effects, especially the "road" one.
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