PS4 Can you bring Blackwood track to PS4 please

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by svenvangent, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. svenvangent

    svenvangent Alien

    Like we have already Zandvoort and the great lands of Highlands now it wouldn't harem any mosquito to have this track to for PS4 and Xbox 1
    I think I have done more than 1000 laps at the time I played Life For Speed and I can tell you this is a must have track .
    Is there any kind of consideration for this marvellous brilliant outstanding idea of me Sir devs ?

    PS ; I know this won't help a sikkepit but hey .. you don't try you don't die and don't be afraid of passing by because if we have to believe the budy buda we reanimate a 1000 times ... Jesus no
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  3. TheBoss

    TheBoss Hardcore Simmer

    It is very likely that kunos will copy an original LFS track ...:rolleyes:

    Netkar pro has great tracks that if they could be brought here, that would be incredible
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  4. Shaun Clarke

    Shaun Clarke Alien

    Blackwood won't happen, as said above

    Already done if you look around :D
  5. svenvangent

    svenvangent Alien

    Yes you guys have it already on PC I know ... but och I would eat every day Spaghetti if they brought Blackwood over to PS4
  6. Tberg

    Tberg Alien

    Probably cheaper to just get that gaming pc finally...
  7. Shaun Clarke

    Shaun Clarke Alien

    Sorry, that reply of "Already done if you look around" was a reply to @TheBoss regarding Netkar Pro tracks, on PC only of course
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  8. bradleyland

    bradleyland Hardcore Simmer

    Blackwood is a fictional track developed by the LFS team. It is exclusive to their game, so why would they license it to Kunos?

    The PC version is user-created content. The LFS team could try to get it taken down, but they know that effort would be useless. There's no one to go after, and the track will just get passed around anyway. However, if Kunos were to release it officially, LFS could go after them.
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  9. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    Much rather have this.

  10. Starfoxy550

    Starfoxy550 Rookie

    As far as I'm aware, this was an approved track conversion for assetto corsa granted to the modder by Scawen and the lfs team. Strange I know, but true.

    But, yes it's unlikely it will ever be officially A.C content, but you never say never, especially where profits are involved.

    I'd like some more fantasy tracks, they can be really cool in any setting. More official-community content would be great as console player.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2017
  11. ShredatorFIN

    ShredatorFIN Alien

    AC has bunch of mod tracks, that "should" come for consoles. There is 10+ mod tracks that are equal if not higher quality than Zandvoort. VIR, Bridgehampton, Okayama, Tajo etc... But there is 2 big issues

    - License cost is not free for Kunos, it's just free for modders
    - They have to verify the quality of mod track before releasing, and verify the origin (legal or ripped?) of all assets. From Zandvoort they learned this verification process is so much work, that might as well create a new track from scratch

    So... sadly only way to ever drive them is getting a PC
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  12. Hotdog

    Hotdog Racer

    This is correct the person who converted it had the permission to do so.
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  13. Starfoxy550

    Starfoxy550 Rookie

    Wow, did not realize Zandvort was the user-created content, I thought it was Highlands, both of which are great btw.

    Surely fictional tracks like highlands omit or have very few license fees, hence why I'll vote for fictional and the freedom I thought it bought the creator.

    Crazy to think it's still easier to just do it in-house. Although I remember a similar situation with ISI looking into sanctioning the Targa Florio Mod for rFactor2. Too many ties to GPLegends and too large to do from even the mesh, which also needed work they said.

    Shame really, a few of these tracks would add so much to the game on consoles.

    Highlands Long for +30laps is a good Targa Florio substitute if anyone is into that type of thing btw.

    If I can get online lobbies to work any time soon, I may host a few practice sessions.
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  14. Hugo Catarino

    Hugo Catarino Hardcore Simmer

    I am so into Targa Florio!i'd love to have that track for AC,but i get why we dont.But it would be nice to have a fictional track based on the picollo circuito della maddionne:very tight roads,lots of turns and city need for a 72km track of course,a 10km would do.If you have played gran turismo 4 on PS2 you know that Citta di Ária and Amalfi Coast,althought based on real locations,were a tribute to the Targa.
    I too use Highlands to recreate it,but i use the Drift version,it has more long turns linked between themselfs,althought it doesnt have a long straight.the long highlands for me is Le Mans :p

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