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Generic Cannot control Lotus Type 49

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Larryf1951, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. Larryf1951

    Larryf1951 Hardcore Simmer

    I have tried racing the Lotus Type 49 in the Formula category in career mode.
    The race takes place on Monza 1966 - Road Course.
    No matter how I feather the brakes or throttle, I either understeer into a wall, or I oversteer and spin. I cannot manage to drive this thing with any consistency. I have spent several hours trying to get a good setup with no luck. I feel zero confidence driving it.
    Any suggestions or setups?
    This will all probably be moot when the patch hits, but its bugging me:eek:
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  3. This thing must be a pain in the backside on the controller. I really only have experience of the Lotus 25 and i find being able to Blip the throttle on down shift sorts that out perfectly as in these cars its so easy to lock up without realising which is then causing the rear tyres to over heating or downshifting too early.
    I know this isn't a tune to help or any advice sorry about that but i sort of feel for yeah :p

    Hope you find a way to resolve this issue, personally i'd just ignore the car xD
  4. Exage304

    Exage304 Gamer

    Adjust brake bias slightly to front. Add more diff preload, adjust diff coast for turn in desirability. I had to adjust most values to get a nice crisp feel on it. It should still retain some over-steer characteristics in corners for fast times.

    I'm on a G29 though so this isn't 100% transferable... (This is with no assists, like how it was raced back in the day).
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  5. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    I actually dont have problems controlling the 25 and 49, they're not easy but I'm not struggling. I think it's important to realise you dont drive these cars, you put your foot down and hang on for dear life lol.

    Sent from my GT-P3110 using Tapatalk
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  6. HavanaB0B

    HavanaB0B Hardcore Simmer

    If you're under steering on entry back the corner up a bit. Oversteer well that's what it does, adding some to the power side of the diff might aid traction a little. When I drive the 49 I just try to stay smooth, don't get aggressive with the car and it is pretty predictable. Still a handful but that's why I like it.
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  7. Larryf1951

    Larryf1951 Hardcore Simmer

    Thanks for the suggestions so far. I was beginning to think it was just me. Glad to know others have been challenged by this car. I'll keep trying.
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  8. Pleite

    Pleite Simracer

    Larry, I used to find this car extremely hard to drive as well, but just kept on trying to master it because these old formula cars really appeal to me. So, a while ago, after a good deal of crashes and spinnings, I found out the tips HavanaBOB brings up here and, believe it, they work! It's now one of the cars I treasure most. I'm only curious to see how those 250 Red Pack Maseratis are gonna be... probably even more challenging than the vintage Lotus... but they must be fun! Eager to check that out.
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  9. Traks1

    Traks1 Gamer

    I can tell you from experience that generally, tyre tech and therefore grip, in the years the Lotus 49 was current, was way, way inferior to what one could reasonably expect to have on a half decent normal road car now. Seems Kunos did a fair representation of just how horrible they really were. Not surprised it's a bit of a handful on a controller tbh :). A car that appreciates driving finesse if ever there was one. I'm expecting the 250f, when it drops, to have tyres with properties similar to mahogany, grip wise.
  10. Snowman38

    Snowman38 Hardcore Simmer

    Trying to stay smooth with a controller is just insanity! I've gotten pretty good with throttle control,. But steering a car with a 1/2" stick??? Goodnight!
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  11. Fat-Alfie

    Fat-Alfie Hardcore Simmer

    Get a wheel! The Lotus 49 is an absolute joy with a wheel and an H-pattern shifter :)

    I can imagine the 250F will be much, much easier to control with your tiny little sticks, as it's like driving in slow motion o_O
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  12. Larryf1951

    Larryf1951 Hardcore Simmer

    Well, I attempted the Lotus 49 quick race in special events last night and mysteriously, the car was more manageable. It was not easy, but it was a lot better. Maybe it was the patch or maybe my control has improved. Or, whatever. I took the win in easy difficulty. I will have to go through them all in medium now.
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  13. Plato99

    Plato99 Simracer

    It's why
    a) I drive the 72D
    b) Have a lot of admiration for Graham Hill and Jimmy Clark !!
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  14. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    @Larryf1951 from the last hotlap challenge I know the problem of understeer --> mad oversteer in the Cobra. In my experience if you come in with understeer chances are high you'll come out of the turn with too much oversteer.

    So you can prevent this from happening with driving style by coming in slower, even if it feels too slow at first. You might then be able to "pick up" the car with the throttle at exactly the right point to induce the slight 4-wheel-drift those cars are famous for.

    But of course the setup will help you, as well. I'm gonna skip the whole base setup - if you want to adress throttle understeer (before rears lose traction) you can:

    • increase front negative camber (and/or reduce rear negative camber)
    • reduce front damper rebound stiffness (and/or increase rear bump stiffness)
    • reduce front anti-roll bar stiffness (and/or increase rear ARB stiffness)
    • Increase the accelleration diff lock.
    Good luck.
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  15. antonpaco

    antonpaco Rookie

    the problem of this car ( lotus type 49 ) is only one, DOES NOT BRAKE. It doesn't matter how you setup, the car does not brake, I tried to move all front, then all rear, nothing to do. I believe KUNOS never tested the brakes of lotus type 49.
  16. HavanaB0B

    HavanaB0B Hardcore Simmer

    I had no issue getting it to stop here
  17. PRO Stream BG

    PRO Stream BG Simracer

    The only solution is to Get a Wheel and H shifter! (then you gone a love this car, also in stock setup, without any change :) )
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  18. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    Love this car so much, been a while since I drove it. Its just one of many in this game that are worth the of entry on it's own.
  19. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    Worth the price of entry that's meant to read lol.
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  20. BrainsBush

    BrainsBush Hardcore Simmer

    Took me a while to get used to this/these kind of classic car(s) and their behavior. No ABS, no TC, throttle alert etc :) Those were the days. Excellent muscle workout.
    Once you get the right feeling between car, track and your controller (T300 in my case) it really is love at first side.
    No I am not the classic car alien with my times but at least I know how to keep them on track and now and then get the so called Gold time with e.g. the Lotus 49.

    With regards to 'braking' it is a combination of actually braking but also downshifting and use your gears to brake. But too aggressively will get you free donuts ;)

    Practice, start over, practice again and patience is key. Ooh and watch video's to learn from each other. Very helpful!
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  21. Larryf1951

    Larryf1951 Hardcore Simmer

    Thank you for your response, and your appreciation for this car.
    One criticism, though, if you have to take the time to learn the car can you truly call it love at first sight? :cool:

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