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Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 Discussions' started by medse87, May 19, 2017.

  1. medse87

    medse87 Rookie

    Hey guys. I'm trying since the new update to open a private lobby in the evenings. Only thing I get is the message: Could not create lobby, please try again later.

    It worked this mornig first try. But now I'm sitting here again for 30 mins and it simply does not work :(
    Is there a limit of max lobbies available or what seems to be the problem?

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  3. HecticZA

    HecticZA Racer

    I'm also had the problem earlier tonight when I tried, but earlier today and yesterday I could create lobbies.

    Maybe they are still working on the servers or otherwise there is a limit like you suggest.

    Must say, this update has done wonders for the game. There are a lot of full lobbies most of the day.

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  4. medse87

    medse87 Rookie

    I hope the lobbies get better though. Managed to create one, but our pings are higher than 250. We never had that problem. The driving is so good. Only thing I need are online races with the club I am in.
  5. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    They should settle down over the next few days, also creating a room should be less problematic as the empty rooms will disappear quicker. Kunos have reported this in another thread.
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  6. Same problem too. Can't create (all the day like that).
    But I don't understand why. I mean, are the servers overpopulated? I noticed this happens a lot during the day, but during night seems possible to create. Maybe Kunos's servers are undersized compared to the number of lobbies/players. :(
  7. HecticZA

    HecticZA Racer

    I haven't seen the post by Kunos, but it seems they said that the lobbies we open doesn't close down immediately when everybody leaves, so they literally run out of space.

    Like I said I haven't seen the post, but apparently that is the current problem and they are working on it.

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  8. craste

    craste Rookie

    Have we had confirmation yet that this is a known bug and being worked on, as it would be nice to race my friends in-line!
  9. medse87

    medse87 Rookie

    It works now without a problem. :) They just needed some time to sort the servers, I guess.
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  10. craste

    craste Rookie

    No it still doesn't work, I just tried to set up a custom lobby, once you select the track, cars etc and when you click on create it just hangs on the next screen and does nothing.

    Am I doing doing wrong? I call the room 'racing' with no password, choose the cars, tracks etc and then when you click on create it just goes to the next screen and just sits there?
  11. medse87

    medse87 Rookie

    Works without a problem for me now:

  12. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    Try deleting your game save data ( back it up first in case that doesn't do the trick), if that doesn't work reinstall the game. I've seen that work for someone else. I'm having zero issues setting up rooms now.
  13. craste

    craste Rookie

    I uninstalled and re installed and it was OK - I didn't delete my save data but noticed that it works on the Scottish race track but when I tried to set it up for Brands hatch GP circuit it just hangs - can you set up a lobby on Brands Hatch GP track?

    If so I'll have to delete my saved game data and try again methinks!


  14. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    I've not tried Brands Hatch but I have raced on it online. Deleting your saved game data is looking like a good bet. Some people had issues with the recent update that removed their virtual steering wheel and they couldn't steer ( happened to my friend) and deleting the save file fixed the issue. So that's a place to look. Report back.
  15. HecticZA

    HecticZA Racer

    Nope, Brands Hatch is one broken server. Can't create a lobby.

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