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PS4 Clubsport patch please Kunos?

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by iMichael123S, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. iMichael123S

    iMichael123S Gamer

    Dear Assetto Corsa team could we please add the Clubsport V2 support back into the title as you original had the support before the day one patch and now with the CSL released for the PS4 surely Sony would realise that a simulation racing title such as AC requires support of proper wheel base, thank you. I'll be happy if you send me the patch to my PSN ID iMichael123S.
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  3. Luca Guatteri

    Luca Guatteri Rookie

    Hi guys,
    anyone experienced no working rumble motors on CSP V3i connected to the new CSL Elite Base and wheel for PS4, using on AC ? i tested on PJC and they work great... nothing on AC....
    Many thanks !
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  4. PaulBee

    PaulBee Rookie

    What have you got your ABS set at? If its at 100 try lowering it.
  5. 2xplor

    2xplor Rookie

    I have this problem I have the PS4 Fanatec CSL Elite wheel and club sport V2 pedals.
    When I start my first race the game has not recognized the pedals I have turn the wheel off and on so the game can see the pedals then everything is fine.
    Any body else having this problem...
  6. PaulBee

    PaulBee Rookie

    Hi, assuming your pedals are only plugged directly in to the wheel base, I had an issue with my v3 pedals where brake performance was very low. I deleted AC and all saved game data and reinstalled AC and now everything works perfectly.
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  7. 2xplor

    2xplor Rookie

    cheers mate will give it a go....

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