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PS4 CSL Elite Racing Wheel - officially licensed for PS4

Discussion in 'Bug reports' started by Darera, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. Darera

    Darera Gamer

    So much the better if it works for you now. Just for your info, I can change mode indefinitely during a race. On the other hand, I used to calibrate the H-box at each start of the game. Before, I sometimes had reports that refused to engage or a bad report that was triggered. Since I do this manipulation which is very fast, I have no more problems. Try also maybe this for more constancy.
  2. lefab63

    lefab63 Rookie

    No bad reports for me. Calibrated just once
  3. Diego043

    Diego043 Rookie

    Any news guys ? about fix ? Still got the problem with tc and others ?
  4. cave

    cave Rookie

    Nothing new. Still no tc, abs, turbo, etc..
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2017
  5. Diego043

    Diego043 Rookie

    Damn any one sent stj to fanatec and kunos ?

    Wysłane z mojego SM-G930F przy użyciu Tapatalka
  6. Darera

    Darera Gamer

    Please, Kunos.

    Could we know if you have read this message?
    If you're going to take that into account?
    What are your predictions to solve the problem?

    Without wishing to exaggerate the problem, it would also be good not to underestimate it.

    It is practically 90% of the cars contained in the game, which are rendered inoperative to 100%, because of the impossibility of not being able to regulate them properly. The impossibility also, to use the kers, the DRS, to manage the recovery of energy etc.

    Failing to have an immediate solution, could you at least show us by an answer, that we have been heard.

    Thank you beforehand
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  7. Donnced2

    Donnced2 Hardcore Simmer

    Well... In The next update (1.15) there will be custumized button mapping feature.

    So that will solve the issue you guys got with The CSL elite racing wheel.

    But for sure until then... It sucks.
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  8. cave

    cave Rookie

    I have emailed Fanatec about the issues, and they replied that they can only give support for their hardware. If there is a software problem, it up to the Software Developer. Hopefully this gets fixed with the Assetto Corsa Button mappings, coming with 1.15. Whatever, disappointing that neither Kunos nor Fantatec gives an official statement.
  9. Darera

    Darera Gamer

    From the moment the commands work in the menus, this can not be a hardware problem, Fanatec can not do anything about it. This is clearly a programming problem in the game.
  10. Darera

    Darera Gamer

    This is what I also think, that mapping custom buttons could solve the problem.

    But this is not a 100% certainty, with the pre-set configurations, the buttons are also assigned, yet they still do not work.

    That is why I would like to know that Kunos is aware of the problem and is working on it.
    Without wanting to be mean and with the respect that I have for the work done not Kunos, at the speed or happens the update, I do not really want to have to wait for 1.16, just because Kunos would not be at Current problem, while we take the trouble to report it on their forum.

    Please, Kunos, can you give us a sign of the reading of the problem and if possible on what is planned to remedy it.
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  11. Donnced2

    Donnced2 Hardcore Simmer

    Yup, true...

    And the lack of feedback from 505games or kunos console team i the bug reports treads is annoying really.
    Also don't knowing what is reported to the team an if its in workaround stage.

    Big difference with the PC bug reports section treads and treatment... :(

    Hopefuly it gets fixed for you CSL elite racing wheel guys.
  12. cave

    cave Rookie

    Ok, it seems that even with the latest 1.15 patch (with custom button mapping), the problem still exists. No TC, ABS etc..
  13. Darera

    Darera Gamer

    It is all the more desolate that the problem had been well reported and described in this thread of discussion.
    Still unanswered, it just feels like wasting his time.
  14. Kain NL

    Kain NL Rookie

    After update 1.15, still no change. TCS, Abs and Turbo cycle NOT possible when in car. NOT Even when buttons are assigned
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  15. Kain NL

    Kain NL Rookie

    SOOO, yet another mess up appears. I can't assign the Fanatec Handbrake in the button assignments screen
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  16. dawg

    dawg Gamer

    I hope Kunos can add support for the CSL Elite for PS4, since I'm planning to switch to it soon. :)
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  17. 007ven

    007ven Rookie

    It's so disappointing...
    Yesterday I finally had the chance to test AC with the new patch with my CSL Elite and couldn't manage to get ABS and TC setting to work in game. I tried several settings, but nothing worked. I was really hoping that custom button mappings would at least solve that issue.
    I hope Kunos will patch that until they stop further development of AC otherwise it would break the game for me and I don't want this to happen as I really love to play AC.
    Luisandro likes this.
  18. Jordis

    Jordis Rookie

    with the 1.15 update, my Fanatec CSL PS4, does not work in ps4. is a fault or must be configured
  19. 007ven

    007ven Rookie

    My CSL Elite is working properly, except the button mapping issue with ABS and TC.

    Do you have it running in PS4 mode (blue LED)? If yes, do you have the controller running as well? If yes, check the steering settings menu of wheel is selected.
    I had the issue once that I wasn’t able to accelerate and brake and clutch indicator showed full push of clutch without pressing it and I found out that I had the DS4 controller running to use in menus and the game changed steering input to controller from wheel. setting back to wheel helped me and it worked again.
  20. Jordis

    Jordis Rookie

    thank you very much for the information, exactly what happens to me that happened to you. I'll do what you tell me. a greeting 007ven and thank you very much
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