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Discussion in 'Bug reports' started by ppbucko, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. ppbucko

    ppbucko Hardcore Simmer

    we have no control over custom lobby pings. we need to create lobbies with low pings 50ms or less to have a good race.
    At the moment its pure luck if you get a good server, its completely random. Yesterday I created a room with 25ms ping the next one I created was 350ms ping which is unplayable. Also the player who creates the room hasn't got a clue what the ping value is of his room he has set up. If we new this then as soon as the room is created if its high we could leave it and try again.

    What we do at moment is 4 of us create the same race, then the other players look for the rooms in lobby and check the ping values, the one with the best ping everyone joins that one.

    When your in a high ping lobby 150ms plus all the cars crab round the corners, then if the ping is even higher the cars jump about.

    In our small race community we all have high speed internet with 100plus downs and over 10 ups so its not our connections.

    Before the update, when all we had was official rooms, you could filter 50ms rooms only.

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