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Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by AC_CM505, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    UPDATE: We know our console players are eager to know when they can expect the Ferrari 70th Anniversary DLC pack. The latest is we're heading into submission next week. Once we're gone through the submission phase, we will have an exact launch date for you guys! Thanks for your patience.

    - AC_CM505

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  3. Scuderia Paul

    Scuderia Paul Hardcore Simmer

    Great stuff. Thanks for the update.
  4. Dresden

    Dresden Gamer

    Awesome! Cannot wait for this puppy!
  5. krsht3

    krsht3 Gamer

    288 GTO Time!!!!
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  6. Donnced2

    Donnced2 Hardcore Simmer

    Let's see what the update brings! Hopefully a lot of fixing cause the update on PC was basically focused to petitions of modders.

    What did buy me the last ready 2 Race pack is the possibility to setup your FFB basically on track and that you don't have to exit going to the option screen.

    Lets see if the update get approved fast :)
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  7. Thanks. This will surely pull me away from your competitor for a while.

    There is no rule that says you can only play one sim. That line of thought is for fanboys
  8. @P73

    @P73 Simracer

    Come Ferrari pack!!! Next week? Please? ... Ok, I'm patient, I'll wait...

    Next month? No, please! Ok, ok... I can wait anyway.

    This is the first time I've been checking this forum everyday for an update...

    On consoles, I believe to many (myself included) it's not much a matter of line of thought, but rather a case of lack of satisfying alternatives.

    If Sims like rF2, AMS, R3R were all on consoles as well, most of those sticking to AC only atm would sure be playing something else besides Assetto.

  9. I'd say that's fair in this case since ac is clearly the best sim on consoles but there are many that won't even try other sims.

    Personally I find GT sport to be a satisfying alternative but not a replacement
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  10. DLC is still locked after buying
  11. DonZmeuheu

    DonZmeuheu Hardcore Simmer

    Thank you Kunos for this awesome DLC Package:) Have done a few laps with the 250 GTO at Vallelunga Classic...crazy what a lovely great car this is to drive! Can't wait to drive the other great cars of this DLC
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  12. k4uczuk

    k4uczuk Rookie

    You must restart ps4 system
  13. k4uczuk

    k4uczuk Rookie

    Great DLC. Sensational cars.
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  14. Lucarer

    Lucarer Rookie

    I have the same Problem on my Xbox one tried reinstalling the dlc like 3 or 4 times restartet my Xbox and everything but content is still locked ingame
  15. I have a Xbox One and restarted and reinstalled it 5 times.
  16. SOUMI

    SOUMI Rookie

    hi same problem and for me!reinstall and many restarts..but nothing.
  17. breyzipp

    breyzipp Gamer

    Bought the DLC on Xbox but the game does not recognize I bought it. I completely powered off and unplugged my XBox but the problem is still the same.

    Common Kunos, those were the launch issues over a year ago, it should not happen anymore.
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  18. Have anyone succesfully got the dlc to work on Xbox?
  19. skeinon

    skeinon Rookie

    Hi guys... this morning at office i've sleep with an eye for about two hours....
    cause the awesome night, on the F2004.
    Grazie Kunos..
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  20. Lucarer

    Lucarer Rookie

    Sadly not i'm currently chatting with a guy from 505 games and he's just asking like" are you sure you have downloaded the DLC" ? And i'm like" well obviously
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  21. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    Hi everyone. We have identified the cause of the Ferrari 70th Anniversary DLC issue on Xbox One and are working to get it resolved as soon as possible. We understand many of you are frustrated but be rest assured, we're doing everything we can to get it sorted! Stay tuned for more info.
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