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PS4 G29 Desynchronized Rotation

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by Gordelion, May 14, 2017.

  1. Gordelion

    Gordelion Rookie


    Bought the game on PS4 recently. My G29 works fine with other games. Can't attach any logs since I'm on PS4, but I can make a video if others don't have this problem.
    The game is fully updated.

    Cars in-game don't keep up with the real steering input, which makes it impossible to compete - I tried dozens of cars, same story.
    Even if I rotate my G29 to the left or right until if fully locks, wheel in game is rotated maybe by 150 degrees max., which makes it impossible to play the game and compete, I have to brake to 30-40mph even with a Ferrari to make a proper turn.

    And it's not just sensitivity. Even when standing or at low speed, when I fully rotate my G29 from left turn lock to the right turn lock, it doesn't go more than ~150-180 degrees to each side in the game. Meaning, it doesn't fully rotate in the game at all.

    Any help please?
    What can I do to provide more information?

    Thank you.

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  3. murfo

    murfo Simracer

    Is it showing as a G29 in the wheel settings? Is the wheel calibrating when you attach it to the PS4? Are you using the wheel to start the game from the PS4 home screen?

    PS4, G29, Wheel Stand Pro, PSVR

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  4. Gordelion

    Gordelion Rookie

    1) Yes, it does show up as a G29;
    2) I didn't see any process of calibration, if you mean in-game;
    3) Yes, I do.
  5. Gordelion

    Gordelion Rookie

    made a short video showing the problem
  6. Grijo

    Grijo Simracer

    @Gordelion, Hi, I'll try to help you. Away from me to create a disturbance or a discussion but AC is missing some baaic features for simulation softwares like wheel and pedals calibration. But the thing is I have a G29 and it works in AC...well, kind of...I'll explain later. Let's go, step by step:
    1- Make sure you turn your wheel before start the game;
    2- Start the game, go to options and look for button mapping or controls, something like that (second tab I think), and change for G29 layout;
    3- Look for VISUAL WHEEL ROTATION (I think this is on 4th or 5th tab, where you have the HUD options) and put that option to 900 degrees or to NO.

    I think that will help you to play with most of cars. But will no resolve all the problems. Why? Take a look at those threads...



    I hope it helps
  7. Gordelion

    Gordelion Rookie

    Thank you for your advice. I didn't realize there could be gameplay settings buried in mapping settings.

    I have read the threads you linked before posting mine, the thing is, my problem is persistent with all the cars in the game. There are no exceptions.

    I will try your method, thanks.
  8. OdeFinn

    OdeFinn Rookie

    870° rotation is closest match on visual.
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