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G920 Wheel is really stiff

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by Chriscore, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Chriscore

    Chriscore Rookie

    Hi, new here hope im doing this right by posting here. I just got my first wheel and ac on pc. Im finding the wheel really stiff when it comes to turning. I tried messing with the wheel sensitivity in the logitech software but that didnt seem to make a difference. Also ran the setup wizard and tinkered with the ffb but still pretty stiff to turn. Is there anything im doing wrong?

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  3. Horus

    Horus Alien

    Hi Chriscore, have a look at the FFB strength settings and turn them down a bit. Try them at 70% and work your way up in both the Logitech settings and the AC controller options. Good luck getting it to the force you desire.
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  4. Ricardo Rey

    Ricardo Rey Rookie

    Hi Chriscore...

    I am by no means an expert, but I found basically the same configuration on multiple web sites for the Logitech profiler which state that it is important to set it (the profiler) up first like this:
    • Overall Effects Strength: 101
    • Spring Effect Strength: 0
    • Damper Effect Strength: 0
    • Enable centering spring in force feedback games: checked
    • Centering Spring: 0
    • Degrees of rotation: 900
    • Allow game to adjust settings: checked
    Then go in-game and use the setting mentioned above. It's really a matter of personal preference in-game. Google for your particular wheel. It worked for me.

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  5. Chriscore

    Chriscore Rookie

    Hi, thanks for the response! This sounds noobish but where are you seeing these parameters you have listed? I have the rotation set to 900 but i dont see any of the others.
  6. Atle Dreier

    Atle Dreier Alien

    Go to control panels, view devices, right click your wheel and select game controller settigns or something to that effect. I'm awqay from my gaming rig atm, maybe someone can provide a more detailed path to the control panel for your wheel.

    Ingame, go to settings, controls, last tab, ffb gain should be no more than 100, I recommend around 80% to start with.

    Once you get on track, press +/- on your keypad to make sure your incar gain isn't all out of proportion. Somewhere around 100 should be pretty decent (70-130).
  7. Ricardo Rey

    Ricardo Rey Rookie

    On Windows 8-10, to the right on your task bar is an up arrow (like >, except pointing up). Left click on it and a pop-up menu will appear. Assuming you have the default install, there should be an icon that looks like a game controller. Right click on the controller icon and another menu pops up. Select Logitech profiler. You should see a screen with your wheel. From the menu select Options, then Global Device settings. From that screen you will make the changes I mentioned above.
    Logitech Profiler Settings
    • Overall Effects Strength: 101
    • Spring Effect Strength: 0
    • Damper Effect Strength: 0
    • Enable centering spring in force feedback games: checked
    • Centering Spring: 0
    • Degrees of rotation: 900
    • Allow game to adjust settings: checked
    Click OK and exit completely out of the profiler. Write down the settings from @Horus above as follows:
    Assetto Corsa Settings
    • Steering - ears1991 mod (Some settings may be mod specific. I have different profiles)
    • Gain - 93%
    • Filter - 0%
    • Minimum Force 0%
    • Kerb & Road & Slip Effects - 0%
    • Brake Gamma - 1.00
    (Change sensitivity settings for brake and throttle to 0%, Throttle & Brake - 3% Deadzone , Clutch - 5% Deadzone and 100% Range in Logitech Profiler Axis Properties)

    Fire up AC, go to options, controllers. Input the settings you wrote down from @Horus settings. Try it out and adjust to your liking.

    Hope this helps.

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  8. Chriscore

    Chriscore Rookie

    Thanks for the help guys, managed to get it right. I can actually turn now :)
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  9. kroko

    kroko Rookie

    Hello guys, I recently bought the wheel and I am having the same issue. Is anyone able to help me find where the logitech profiler is located for G29 on windows 8. Because when I go to control panel and I find my wheel through the devices tab, when I right my wheel I don't get a tab with these options or are they supposed to be in the logitech software ?
  10. Horus

    Horus Alien


    Find the software for your wheel. Make sure the wheel is unplugged before you start the install process. I have a G27 so use Logitech profiler, not sure what you use for the G29. Good luck.
  11. [MPW] ColTeH

    [MPW] ColTeH Rookie

    G29 and G920 does not use Logitech Profiler and we don't get those settings =(
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