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Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Brian Coltrane, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. So last XMAS, I went from a controller to a wheel/pedal setup & H-shifter. I found AC (and Dirt Rally) to be the best driving experience I could get for the XB1, and had hours & hours of fun with it. But now, I've taken the plunge and stepped up to PC with the Oculus Rift. OMG!!!

    It's not cheap, but if you're more than a casual sim racer, it really delivers so much more. Even without the Oculus, AC on PC is much more refined. The graphics are better, there are many more options, and IMHO the physics feel better too. On the XB1, if I started to lose the backend, that was it. I just couldn't catch it. But, I'm finding that with the PC, I'm able to catch the backend more often than not while driving the same cars/tracks I had been driving on XB1. And on the PC, you have access to all those wonderful MOD tracks and cars, for free! It's like having a whole new sim.

    As far as the Oculus experience? It's truly amazing. I watched a bunch of YT videos about motion sickness with VR and went into it with a game plan. And I must say, the first few times using it, I did get woozy. But, as recommended, I only did short 5~15 minute drives until I felt it coming on and took long breaks in between. Within 3~4 days, I was able to do 60 minutes plus with no ill effects. I guess it just takes a while for your visual cortex to adapt. But once you do, it starts to feel even more immersive and real. And one cool thing I didn't know about is you can actually get out of the car and stand next to it. It's totally life size as well as the surroundings. It actually looks like you're standing next to a real car. It's so cool to pull over, get out of the car next to the track and watch the AI racing by a 160+ mph!

    On other goody I picked up is a ButtKicker and the SimVibe software. Oh man is it cool. You can feel the engine revs and road noise in the seat. The synergy with BK combined with the Oculus 3D visuals & 3D headphones is mesmerizing…and addictive. I can't see my watch in the Oculus, so time starts to get away from me.

    So, if you're ready for the next step. I'd say skip the XB1-X and go PC.
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