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Help please with Fanatec CSL Elite

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by Ethernaly, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Ethernaly

    Ethernaly Rookie

    I bought this wheel, plugged into PS4 turned on the assetto corsa and everything worked fine. On the second start, however, the steering wheel stopped working. The buttons on the steering wheel work but the steering wheel does not work. The steering wheel is in blue mode and has the latest update, which is V292.

    Any idea please ?

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  3. Kriccor

    Kriccor Rookie

    I got the same problem. It occurs like 3 times out of 10. I think it happens when you start the game (with the wheel connected yet) e go direct for a track session: buttons work but no steering.
    Now this seems to work for me:
    -connect the wheel to ps4
    -launch ac
    -go to ingame wheel options
    -change something, like some button mapping or I only check g29 box
    -then you can do whatever you want and go on track.
    Give it a try and let us know
  4. Ethernaly

    Ethernaly Rookie

    Yes, it will be something like that. Sometimes it works, sometimes not - the difference is probably in the controllers login sequence and if it is in the game or in the dashboard. I'll solve it today.
  5. phil 909

    phil 909 Rookie

    Yes, i have this error too. hopefully it gets fixed in the next update.
    Thanks for the workaround Kriccor, will try it this week.

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