Generic Ideas for new features for upcoming release or for AC2

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by MaxStrong01, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. MaxStrong01

    MaxStrong01 Racer

    I should like to read from AC communtiy some ideas for new features or improvement of current one with the goal to provide some "inspirations" :) to Kunos team with game design.
    From my side I appreciated very much the Championships Customization. I never seeen in any other racing game anything comparable so I am convinced that going foward in this direction for AC will be an added value compared to competitors simulations. Next step for me could be in AC2 to further develop it going up to a full career customization by connecting more championships and setting the gates (eg. 1st to 3rd place) to move to the next level and more. This kind of features could make endless the single player mode.
    What about your ideas? (Please not bug fixing: this is not somethin new but only a due thing)
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  3. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    The development of AC1 is very far from being finished and probably the development of AC2 hasnt even started in the most basic way. I think the only news we have about AC2 are some vague references from the developers and that pic of Stefano's PC of a tab saying "AC2 task". Not to mention that the devs dont take seriously wish lists. So even being optimistically the thread will be completely useless for the development of a future game.

    But it can be interesting to know what the community thinks. I would love to see that they take seriously the aproach to rallying. There is no rally simulators (apart from mods of RBR or simcady results like Dirt Rally and Sebastien Loeb and GRally it's extremely far from being a strong product like Assetto) because profesional rally simulators doesn't exist. Assetto physics are a benchmark, so they "only" need to work on how the car reacts with loose surfaces.
  4. ZachRacer88

    ZachRacer88 Racer

    I'd love to see stalling and ignition/start simulation. Nothing like stalling in front of 30 opponents on the start grid :D
  5. MaxStrong01

    MaxStrong01 Racer

    We do not know in the plans of Kunos how much they will still support the development of AC and we do not know at which stage is AC2 as well. It could be only an idea or they could have already a game design frozen or already started the development nobady knows it out of Kunos. But this is not important, in the second part of your post I liked to see that you catched the scope of the thread: solicitate the community to express their ideas and/or wish. Then if Lord Kunos could take some of them in consideration or not it is a probability. Anyway it is an indication of what the gamers would like.
    Imo having Rally should be really great and you are right when you say that there is not any real rally simulator on the market.
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  6. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    I'm glad you started this thread, I was planning on doing this. This is Kunos' game so obviously they should follow their vision, but it certainly can't and won't hurt for them to take some inspiration from ideas. They already have amazing physics so no point in making an AC2 unless they plan to offer some things that the competition does not. So here are some of my ideas.

    • LANCIA ( that's in caps just to ram it home )
    • The ability to customise camera placements and tracking in replay mode.
    • A proper photomode.
    • A full livery editor or ability to import them ala as on AC on PC.
    • More public style driving roads for the amazing road car physics. 20-30 mile roads if possible, Laserscanning not necessary.
    • Improved delivery of the sounds.
    • Softer body parts to allow more realistic and spectacular crashes and collisions.
    • Sparks,
    • Better and more rewarding race finish.
    • Better a career mode.
    • Hillclimbs courses, and ability to to compete in an online lobby with offset starts like real life.
    • Gravel surface
    • A proper track maker, even if a separate from the game.
    • 24H cycle and weather.
    • Some different & interesting types of racing, Trucks, NASCAR
    • More life at the tracks, with progession. like you get in real life, less life in practice, more in quali, then really active in face.

    I had loads of ideas but forgot many of them, none of my ideas are to do with things like physics other than damage. No doubt Kunos have far better ideas in that area than myself. Long public roads is something AC really needs as there are many people who just like to drive rather than race.

    I look forward to seeing other peoples ideas.
  7. MaxStrong01

    MaxStrong01 Racer

    Wow! You really boomed ideas. I like the great part of them especially:
    Hill climb
    Celebration of race finish
    More life to tracks
    Public roads
    Big part of them are easily feasible.

    Your post also carried to my mind some other ideas: what about
    -- Honda (I should like the NSX old and new versions road and racing and the Civic)
    - Aston Martin
    - more homogeneous and numerous car per category. For instance GT4 in A.C. there are only 2 cars
    - touring cars
    - some competitors to Ferrari F1 as Mc Laren, Mercedes, Red Bull, Lotus , Renault ...otherwise you cannot really enjoy it
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  8. mibrandt

    mibrandt Hardcore Simmer

    EDIT. Wrong section
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2017
  9. Olivier Prenten

    Olivier Prenten Simracer

    Actually, thinking about AC2 when the current product is not completely mature and still has plenty of room for improvement is not the adequate vision to have. Please don't get me wrong. AC is an amazing sim hence I'm convinced KS should continue focusing on it. One might think AC2 will be the Next Gen Sim but on the other hand, AC could also remain the core baseline of the sim being continuously enhanced (i.e. guenuine rating system, dedicated multiplayer platform, embedded setup sharing solution...). No need to upgrade to a logical AC2 if the current product is up-to-date in terms of technology, quality and content.
    Have you already heard about iRacing 2? No, no need! The sim is continuously enhanced...
    Just my point of view...

    Maybe I will start a new topic: AC next gen!
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  10. Lord Kunos

    Lord Kunos His master's voice. Staff Member KS Dev Team

    perhaps you missed the little detail that iR is a software with a monthly subscription.
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  11. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    I was writting that. Iracing it's a totally different kind of product. It's a service more than a product indeed.

    A new AC instead of developing the current one could be necessary for 2 reasons (at least 2 reasons I can think of): 1 maybe some mayor features (for example, rain or whatever) will need a new graphic engine or a new technology so that means cant be done with the current technology and 2, the introducction of big new features maybe it's not profitable without launching a new game.

    Launching DLC makes profitable the introduction of features like new tyre models, improvements on the physics engine, features like custom championship and so on. But maybe it's not enough for the development of other features.
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  12. MaxStrong01

    MaxStrong01 Racer

    Hi Olivier. If you read again the thread you can see that it is not focused on AC2 but also on ideas for new releases on AC. There was not any intention to say that AC is dead. On opposite I wanted sokicitate the discussion about ideas also for A.C. release. It is up to you to decide according your vision.
  13. MaxStrong01

    MaxStrong01 Racer

    Your post is fully wise and realistic. I totally agree. No more comments are needed from me.
  14. MaxStrong01

    MaxStrong01 Racer

    And this is not a negligible difference...
  15. MaxStrong01

    MaxStrong01 Racer

    Lord Kunos going through the posts did you find anything interesting? I do not want to know which one, only a yes or not. Thank you in advance.
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  16. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    I disagree that AC is far from being finished. AFAIK, everything ever announced is present and the game runs like a charm, very stable with good performance on any kind of modern system.

    So in my eyes, AC is very much complete and I hope AC2 will be announced, soon. In that possible announcement, I hope to see night and rain racing and a completion of immersion features such as the warm up lap, rolling starts etc.
    Also, some new licensed would be great....fresh tracks and cars and I don't even care which ones. Something unusual would be refreshing. Some polishing regarding leaderboards, race results etc. should also be in.

    Dirt driving would be fantastic but maybe a bit too much to ask for?!? Let everyone else throw their smokescreens while Kunos works its way through the feature list one step at a time with consistent quality. Just imagine a nicer gfx engine and an endurance race in real time weather in AC physics fidelity :)
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  17. Lord Kunos

    Lord Kunos His master's voice. Staff Member KS Dev Team

    to be brutally honest threads like these are totally useless. I've been working on simulators for almost 20 years now, the amount of times I read something on the forums that made me think "oh wow! never thought of that!" are rare enough that I can count them with the fingers of one hand.
    When I take a toilet break I get 20 ideas if I go for the big one... ideas are everywhere, the problem is always the implementation.
    Do you really think there is something in this thread that we never thought about in the last 20 years?
  18. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    Have in mind that you are a PC user. Console version is hugely far from being a finished product: game breaking issues (championship mode is broken, qualifying limbo on multiplayer), uncountable number of bugs, PC version features missing.... Not to mention that there is a delay of about 4-5 months between an update reaches PC and its equivalent gets to the consoles. If they want to get all the versions to be the same (like they promissed before the release of the game), and even if they decide to abandon that idea but develop the game to some acceptable level of polishment and bug-fixing, I dont believe they will be able to end the work before summer 2018.
  19. MaxStrong01

    MaxStrong01 Racer

    Really brutal but honest. A simple no was already enough. This means that posting this thread I have been too optimistic but I did not have any intention to be conceited.
    Regarding what you do when you go in the toilette I prefere to do not know :)
  20. WallyM

    WallyM Alien

    You still have to always listen to, and be aware of, what the customer wants. Over 20 years, that can change, together with customer expectations.
  21. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    I would really love a host of vintage cars, from 30s to 60s. The vintage cars that are in AC currently are so much fun.

    No doubt, I think it would be surely useful to gauge what people would look forward to? Though a sample of probably 10 in this thread is no good lol.

    Well it's down to us to come up with an idea he's never heard of before.
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