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PS4 Kunos any plans for..

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by PRO Stream BG, Apr 20, 2017 at 7:21 PM.

  1. I have a specific questions about future development on Playstation 4 Pro version!

    1. ANY chance to release a Playstation 4 Pro support (for exemple better textures,more cars for single player, or any type of performance upgrade due of the extra power)?

    2. ANY chance to make a Playstation 4 Platinum Headset 7.1 app support for 3D Audio preset?

    3. ANY chance to make a PSVR support at least for single player?

    Thx if somebody can give some answer!
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  3. cysxdnfy

    cysxdnfy Rookie

    I'm sure that playstation have said that they want to keep both consoles equal so I don't think you would have to ability to have more cars but the rest is possible like vr and graphics but I don't think they will do any of that.

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  4. Yes i agree to have same versions but for online..for offline increase grid is not a game brake fetures compared to normal one...
  5. Scuderia Paul

    Scuderia Paul Simracer

    Pro Support is possible as I seem to remember Stefano or Marco saying so. I would love to see the Platinum Headset get supported with 3D audio as that is great. PSVR support is absolutely not happening. I think. I'd be amazed to see it actually.
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  6. Definitivley the 3D audio is awesome feture for games... (i played Uncharted 4 with my Platinum Headset and is super immersive, and is way better than 7.1 surround only) and i think for AC gone a be amazing to hear every close to your car with a 3D sound depth...also gone a be much more immersive and realistic , defenetivley from all this 3 questions i prefere the 3D audio support...and in game like AC is much more easy implementation due of the style is not so complex like Uncharted 4 where you have enemys above and under you... And i think gone a be really cool to make a racing game with this audio option.. Nobody makes it yet for race game...and i hope Kunos make the step first!
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