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Generic Online Official Competitions with simracingsystem.com partnership

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Blame110, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. Blame110

    Blame110 Rookie

    This a suggestion for kunos.

    I think this line of developing could improve the ac impact even more, the future of online games are egames and competition, and in ONLINE driving simulation iracing right now is top notch.

    I think that assetto could partner with simracingsystem.com and make it official content. Obviously this will raise online competitions with rating split servers and big cups with prices for the winners.

    This, in my opinion will increase the fan amount and a lot of iracing drivers would turn to ac, even if the competition system is paid (not as abusive as iracing :D). For kunos, including the new dlcs in this competitions could just be worthy

    For me is so clear that this strategy should be the next step for ac, please share your opinions.

    P.D: Sorry if i made some grammar mistakes, my english is rusty
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  3. RTR_DarK

    RTR_DarK Rookie

    I am in favor of the initiative of blame110, with a system like that proposed Corsa assetto would be the same.
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  4. Diablo_rf

    Diablo_rf Simracer

    No doubt I would like such a system to be an official content in AC, but there are a lot of things to be considered and redesigned, so I doubt it will come with AC 1.x, more likely we can see something like this in AC2 maybe...
    In one of Stefano's streams, I asked if they think about a similar system like iRacing, and he said that this is not what they are looking for in AC. But ones again, I think he spoke for AC 1.x but who knows what might come with AC2.
    It's not enought just to make something similar as iRacing, if you do so, it should be better, and greater, otherwise there is no point.
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2017
  5. Blame110

    Blame110 Rookie

    Up, i think that egames are the future of simracing, iracing needs a good competitor, and assetto could be the one, simracingsystem is improving, with official kunos support and competitions, assetto would make a big step fordward.
  6. Blame110

    Blame110 Rookie

    I'm bringing back this

    Everytime one driver from our league leaves assetto corsa for iracing i cant do but think about what could have happened if there was a online competition system by kunos...

    Im sure that if kunos makes something like simracingsystem, a lot of iracing drivers would leave to pay their abussive prices and come to assetto, even if you have to pay a cuota.
  7. Blame110

    Blame110 Rookie

    I think that assetto as it is, is better simulator and graphics, just with a decent online competition system would attract iracing drivers

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