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Generic Question for Console Players

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by leon_90, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. leon_90

    leon_90 Hardcore Simmer

    Hi lads,

    PC player here. First time I come into your section of the forum :)
    I just want to ask a simple question: does your version of AC feature a pause button?
    I know it may sound as a weird question to ask, so I'll explain where does it come from. We PC players never got a pause button. The only method we have to stop the simulation is to press the Esc button on the keyboard, which is rather tedious, and to unpause, we have to click with the mouse on the Resume button in AC. There's a way to shorten this process through 3rd party programs but it still is a pain in the butt compared to every other sim on PC where you can simply set a dedicated button to pause and unpause the game in an instant. So I was wondering if on consoles, given you have no keyboard, you actually have a dedicated button for this (like "start" maybe, one of the center buttons of the pad) or you too can't.

    Thanks for your time ;)
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  3. tobi_208GTi

    tobi_208GTi Rookie

    On ps4 you can pause and resume with "options" button

    Gesendet von meinem F5121 mit Tapatalk
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  4. MaxStrong01

    MaxStrong01 Racer

    On PS4 if you use a pad it is the options button. In my case it is the same using a wheel Thrustmaster T300: ever options button.
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  5. MaxStrong01

    MaxStrong01 Racer

    I want to got the chance you are here to ask you something about the livery of some cars: on PS4 some race cars have no racing livery but only standard road colours like any car you park outside your home. Specifically the main cars are the BMW M3 E30 group A, the Lotus Evora GTC and GX (they have only a couple of livery) and the Ferrari 458 Stage 3 (which according to the technical spec I assumed to be the 458 Challenge or come to that). On PC version do you have any additional livery for those models?
    Thank you in advance.
  6. leon_90

    leon_90 Hardcore Simmer

    So it seems that it's just us PC players to not have been blessed with a dedicated pause button. Thanks Kunos!

    nope no racing liveries here for those cars, apart for the BMW M3 E30 group A which has 3 but only in the '92 configuration
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  7. MaxStrong01

    MaxStrong01 Racer

    Thank you. It should be nice for me if Kunos could release a liveries pack for such cars.it is so sad see race cars with the same colours of a Prius. :)
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  8. They can't. Licensing issues. :(
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  9. MaxStrong01

    MaxStrong01 Racer

    Fantasy liveries should be snyway better than standard colours.
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  10. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    The pause button doesn't pause in all instances. It will pause in a race, but not when you're in the pits, which is a good idea,
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