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Screenshots (ripped content = ban) - gifs not allowed

Discussion in 'Screens & Videos' started by Juandi Sanchez, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Alexandr66

    Alexandr66 Hardcore Simmer

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  2. quakeguy

    quakeguy Hardcore Simmer

  3. icemanpolo

    icemanpolo Racer

  4. kelnor34

    kelnor34 Hardcore Simmer

  5. mau92

    mau92 Hardcore Simmer

  6. Dread515

    Dread515 Racer

  7. da555

    da555 Racer

    TS050 skin available on RD :)
    (sorry sidemirror mismatching color)
  8. Joshkerr

    Joshkerr Alien

    Real pics no, please xD
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  9. kelnor34

    kelnor34 Hardcore Simmer

    AWESOME shot :eek:
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  10. Raffi_M

    Raffi_M Simracer

    Well, I think it´s not hard to make a screenshot look like a real photo if the size is only 640 × 360 pixels. I think these tiny thumbnails shouldn´t be allowed here anyway if they aren´t linked to a bigger ressource.
    I don´t want to attack anybody. That´s just my common opinion ...
  11. seco46

    seco46 Hardcore Simmer

  12. Szymik

    Szymik Hardcore Simmer

  13. eracny

    eracny Hardcore Simmer

  14. VallinKenel

    VallinKenel Hardcore Simmer

  15. Ditschii

    Ditschii Gamer

  16. ProjectWHaT

    ProjectWHaT Racer

  17. Brownninja97

    Brownninja97 Alien

    Man those red DRLs look so awesome in red.
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  18. LIONER

    LIONER Hardcore Simmer

  19. quakeguy

    quakeguy Hardcore Simmer

    Sorry for the self-plug :p
  20. Chrisi74

    Chrisi74 Hardcore Simmer

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