Generic Steam Download Speed Is Too Slow

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by malloc, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. malloc

    malloc Rookie

    Hello, my internet speed is 300 Mb/s but corsa downloads through steam with speed of 500 Kb/s lol ? When I download starcraft 2 but without steam or league of legends then speed is incredibly fast and torrents go up to 300 Mb/s. But this does not make sense.

    How is it it possible ? Please be informed..


    Sorry, some weird stuff with the router or provider, reboot helped -.-
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  3. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    Can you confirm that you don't have any download speed restrictions enabled in the settings by accident, that it always stays low download speeds specifically with this game across the entire download process and not just during installing/verifying files, and that your drive isn't busy while downloading?
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  4. malloc

    malloc Rookie

    Sorry, when I posted this to forum I have done speed test online and it also showed low speed. After PC and router reboot it's fast again and I have already played some corsa :)
    Please CLOSE thread.
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  5. kaleemhussain

    kaleemhussain Rookie

    If anyone feels his Steam download speed is slow then he must compare Steam download speed with his network download on the same scale. If you see a big difference there then you need to follow the below solutions to make the steam download fast. Method 1: Disconnect your Internet Network from all other connected devices. Method 2: Change the Download Location. Changing the download region may solve the download speed issue because. Sometimes, servers in a specific region may be overloaded or may be going through a hardware failure. Method 3: You must clear your download cache. Open Steam Client area > Settings > Downloads > Clear Download Cache > Click OK to confirm. You can follow where complete detail of each solutions posted.

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