TH8A Shifter NOT WORKING ON PS4 Assetto Corsa

Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 Discussions' started by SimRacingTech, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. SimRacingTech

    SimRacingTech Rookie

    Hi Assetto Corsa

    There is no response in Assetto Corsa if I plugged my TH8A directly to PS4's second usb with T500rs to first usb(the one next to the disc drive). But the weird thing is if I connect TH8A to the first usb( next to the disc drive), and playing assetto corsa, everything is fine. All my other games working good with TH8A connected to the second usb (far from disc drive). My playstation 4 is new version not slim, and Assetto Corsa just updated to the lastest V1.10. I never updated firmware of TH8A before because I just bought on Nov, 2016. Also, I can make sure the car I was driving is manual transmission which is list in FAQ. If someone has the same question?

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  3. Maxidyne

    Maxidyne Hardcore Simmer

    I believe you need to connect the shifter to the T500 itself. Copy/paste from the manual:

    PS4™ According to the game or racing wheel (*) : - Either directly to the PS4™ system (USB) - Or at the back of the racing wheel (DIN)
  4. SimRacingTech

    SimRacingTech Rookie

    Thanks for your help. BUT TH8A cannot be connected to T500rs, because there is no port designed for TH8A on T500rs. I also saw the manual, and I can make sure this point.
  5. Hello,
    You need to turn H-pattern shifter on in the options menu. Also, you need to turn off auto-blip in the pre-race menu.

    Hope that works for you.

  6. SimRacingTech

    SimRacingTech Rookie

    I did exactly the same as you suggested, but still not working properly. I guess there must be some bug.
  7. Sorry to hear that you still can't get it working. There is another setting in the pre-race menu.. I think it's auto clutch. Make sure that is off as well.
  8. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    Hey! If you're experiencing issues with anything related to AC, please reach out to our Support team! You can get in touch here -
  9. ChauMing803

    ChauMing803 Rookie

    Just from my experience with T300RS: Plug in the wheel first. Load up the game and then plug in the USB for the TH8A before the starting screen shows up. It has been working for me even before all updates, and hope it works for you!
  10. Hobbsy

    Hobbsy Rookie

    hi there, in my experiance (I also use a T500 for clarification) I always have the wheel and shifter plugged in to the PS4 before I even turn the power on.
    everything gets plugged in, wheel gets turned on, PS4 gets powered up and then into game. I dont recall having any issues doing it this way, but I have experienced several if i don't.

    Something to try if you've not already, hopefully a patch will fix as I definitely feel like its a game problem. PCARS & Dirt Rally can both be working and if I switch to AC, the shifter input is no longer recognised.
  11. SimRacingTech

    SimRacingTech Rookie

    Hi All
    I just solved the problem last night, just upgraded TH8A with the latest firmware, V26 I think with drive, then everything will be fine.
    Before upgrade, the problem was not just which usb port I should connect TH8A to. Many times, I found even with TH8A connected to first usb port, after starting Assetto Corsa, TH8A still had no response. The only to make it right is to restart PS4 and it is indeed very annoying. So I went to upgrade TH8A firmware, and turned out it was the right way to go.
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  12. Hobbsy

    Hobbsy Rookie

    Good shout about the firmware, I keep forgetting to question if the hardware has been patched!
  13. Duc1098

    Duc1098 Gamer

    Same issues i had as OP were fixed by putting the th8a into gear before turning on ps4
  14. Brainspasm

    Brainspasm Gamer

    same problem here(t500rs+v2 pedal+th8 shifter), my way to fix it: start assetto corsa, load a track, exit pit, shifter dont work. close game, re plugin shifter, start game again, now shifter works.
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  15. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

  16. Bernie808

    Bernie808 Rookie

    Hi guys,

    This is my first post here, very eager to enter the world of sim racing.

    Have tried the 505games website but it does not address my issue. And I cannot attach log because it's a console.

    I am encountering the same problem here.. PS4 +t500rs+th8a. I have updated the firmware,drivers etc. and it tests ok on my pc.

    PS4 AC will not recognise the shifter. I have set the options as the above advice. Eg h-pattern shift and autoblip/auto off. Shifter is connected via USB to the left port on the console (slimversion) and t500rs to the right port.

    Tried starting game in and out of gear as some have mentioned. Have logged in and out, restarted PS4 etc. can't get it to recognise The shifter.

    This is driving me crazy please help.
  17. Bernie808

    Bernie808 Rookie

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