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Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Dave53, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Dave53

    Dave53 Racer

    I'm guessing that others have experienced this...but the better I get on AC via practice and reading and practice, the more I appreciate the detailed handling physics!

    This may be a bit of a 'doh' comment, but, I'm not sure I was expecting just how dramatic this might be.

    I suppose everyone is different, but this continual refinement keeps me coming back.

    Is this the heart of Assetto Corsa? Not a myriad of tracks, or tricks, but a depth of immersion that draws you back to the pleasure of driving, time and time again.

    Not whether you can take a perfect photo...but whether you can hit a perfect apex! Not whether you can achieve a trophy...but whether you can achieve consistency.

    ...enough said...back to the track

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  3. 365gt

    365gt Hardcore Simmer

    I was sceptical about AC as so many people were saying how great the physics were etc that i didn't really believe a game(i say game because that's what i first thought)could have these wonderful physics.Previous to AC Project cars was the first Game/sim i bought and thought that,for me anyway,how could the physics in AC be better.
    After a couple of hours on AC i was totally blown away.Now when i load it up i still cannot believe how good the physics are and the continual refinement you mention is still going on.Definitely not a doh comment.
    I would like to add,i'm not knocking Project Cars,i just prefer AC.
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  4. Dave53

    Dave53 Racer

    Great comment! And yes, I can see that you're not knocking PCars at all.

    I played PCars up until I purchased AC...I've played it once since.

    In the end, it's a personal choice. Not right or wrong, just a choice.

    I've always loved driving.

    I think with AC the immersion is where it is at for me. It's enough like the skill of driving a real car to be satisfying.

    Never in my gaming life have I been satisfied to simply do lap after lap in the same car at the same track...until now.
  5. Tberg

    Tberg Alien

    Still refining my skills with AC, after 1700 hours in game. Still finding 1/10th where I couldn't before, and if not in a car I know, I can go all over in another with as much immersion as the previous. I have not ever had this enjoyment of detailed progress, whatever sim has been my weapon of choice the last 15years. That's how good it is.
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  6. Rennen

    Rennen Gamer

    However Assetto Corsa should moving in the way as Project Cars or Gran Turismo do in other specs, such as UI, gameplay features and marketing. Acquiring Kunos by 505 Games is promising, but the game basically is still just a physics engine with car/track settings.
  7. Dave53

    Dave53 Racer

    Yes, indeed. That's some serious hours behind the wheel.

    Consistency is also bringing its share of reward!
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  8. eSEA One

    eSEA One Hardcore Simmer

    Funny thing is, while waiting for my pre-purchase Project Cars to come out I got AC early access, loved it and now well over 1000hrs for AC . Sad thing is I got on the hype train for that pre-purchase box and book and only have only 36hrs for Project Cars to show for it. Well I be driving AC many more hours before I will even consider purchasing PC2 on a sale if ever.
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  9. StyleF1re

    StyleF1re Hardcore Simmer

    Definitely can relate to this. I keep telling myself that one day I'll be able to get the Pagani Huayra unassisted around the Nordschleife (at speed). Might be anywhere from months to even years from now before that happens. That said, I almost did just that not too long ago with a similarly challenging beast in the Aventador SV, but wiped out coming off the back straight into the heavy braking area. Will try that one again too in due time! Months ago this all would be unfathomable for me, but through all the various hotlap challenges and random combinations I've experimented with progress has definitely been made. Starts with getting a car around a course, then getting it around the course quickly, and then consistently, and then even more quickly and consistently. This is one never-ending cycle I can feel good about!
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  10. Tberg

    Tberg Alien

    Agree, and Kunos admitted the "game" part is not their strongest side. Luckily, none of it matters much when the rest delivers, if you like simracing (and how AC conveys)

    Lol, I have maybe 20hours in pCars, bought on sale maybe 2 years ago. I really tried, I really did, but failed hard.

    Consistency is key. I won a league race yesterday, consistency rating 99.58% and I wasn't even the fastest. Racing in leagues puts you on the spot, if you want to win any points and progress that is, and if you learn to do well here, learning and driving new cars on Nords becomes a walk in the park, just good fun! Simracing with AI and hotlapping will only get you to a point, after that you have to put pressure on yourself and learn to deal with it. Only place to learn that is in multiplayer.
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  11. Rennen

    Rennen Gamer

    If we're talking about intense career or in-game purchases, then yes, it doesn't matter for simracing fans. But working time splits, telemetry, rooms setup, adjustable dashboard etc. are actually essential to deliver better sim process.
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  12. Tberg

    Tberg Alien

    Ah, I'm on the pc version, which I believe has everything consoles could dream of. I wouldn't bother much with AC on console, maybe if I didn't have pc, but even then I'd rather enjoy arcaderacers in the couch. Sims, for me, is for the mancave...
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  13. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    This is exactly my experience, the better I get the more I love AC. I've tested every car I think, but I haven't driven every car. As I get better and go back to cars I have driven for only 3 or 4 laps I suddenly think "damn this car is good". I drove the Porsche 962 short tail yesterday at Spa and Highlands long. Fantastic car, I didn't think too much off it the first time I tried it ( just a handful of laps prior to yesterday).

    Some of those things aren't going to be practical until a sequel or a decision to continue AC for another 5 years is made ( that wouldn't make financial sense).

    Agree, still hoping we get leader boards and split timing etc. Not sure we will but one can still hope. Improvements to room set up seams like it may be a possibility going by convos in the past, lets see.

    As for Dash adjustment, it is possible to adjust the FOV, not the seat height though. It's a side effect off cockpit view adjustment rather than an official option.
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  14. Dave53

    Dave53 Racer

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  15. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    Damn that's a long time ago, can't remember my first time. Was probably Pole position. I've started doing time attack events. Really didn't like them before but it's a great way of improving with a track combo.
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  16. 365gt

    365gt Hardcore Simmer

    Likewise regarding PC2 i will be keeping a close eye on it though .I just hope for the sake of PC2 that they do away with the frustrating feedback system,way to many settings.
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  17. 365gt

    365gt Hardcore Simmer

    I stepped up to sim racing on the PS4 last year but i feel now i need a triple screen setup to get max immersion and to have a much better sense of where i am on the track etc. A PC with triple screens is a big investment and takes up alot of space and i'm sure a lot of us PS4 sim racers would love to go down that route but it's not possible for one reason or another.For me a sim like AC on a console is fantastic as i do take it seriously but i can see the advantage of PC but it's just not viable for me right now.
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  18. Dave53

    Dave53 Racer

    Exactly! Well said, mate.
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  19. Tberg

    Tberg Alien

    That's one more reason to get VR, cost the same as 3 standard monitors but takes no space :)
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  20. paul_wev

    paul_wev Hardcore Simmer

    That's what I did I and I wish I could say that it made me a better driver but , it didn't , but I enjoy it a lot more and I love it .

    T300rs , t3pa with Bodin load cell brake conversion, t8ha, pc, htc vive, gt omega rig, etc.
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  21. StyleF1re

    StyleF1re Hardcore Simmer

    Like what @Tberg mentioned, I would just invest my money on VR over a triple-screen setup, as the latter may soon become obsolete. Console is a different story though, since I don't believe either are options as of now. My PSVR is just sitting on the side collecting dust as I pray (likely in vain) for VR support toward console AC. As cool as DiRT Rally is, I have virtually no motivation to pop the disc in with AC around.

    After reading this I played a multiplayer race for the first time in maybe months. Was just a basic eight lap head-to-head at Spa using GT3 cars, but it pretty much came down to which driver was more consistent and didn't lose time from spinning (since we're amateurs). Only putting in 2:23s for race pace (with a 2:21 personal best for hotlap), so not sure how I'd fare in a league environment. Hard nowadays to find time on AC as well because when the game's running it's usually for the Weekly Hotlap Challenge (WHC) or for local sessions with my friends and me trying out all sorts of cars on different tracks. Nonetheless, I suppose it's best to mix in the WHC, multiplayer, and local fun for a balanced diet.

    My one friend also suggested we try and practice doing drifting, donuts, and the like. That stuff is HARD to do! Anyway, I appreciate the comment and will take all this (including other comments here) into account.
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