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Generic Voice/Mic Chat in Game

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by robgunns, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. robgunns

    robgunns Rookie

    We need voice chat ingame on consoles this is something that needs to be added.
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  3. robgunns

    robgunns Rookie

    I have not heard anything about this which is a big concern.
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  4. fools jester

    fools jester Gamer

    There is voice chat in game. Works on xbox one
  5. millo

    millo Gamer

    Would be awesome to have it also on PC version. Steam could do the job well IMO, but it isn't implemented yet. Ok there're also various voice chat software, but not everyone have those installed... :rolleyes:
  6. barkx_

    barkx_ Racer

    Would like to see a normal textchat like on PC
  7. Astral_Magi

    Astral_Magi Rookie

    I support this notion. There is no mic function in this game on ps4, you'd have to be friends or in your own psn party chat. It should work like in Gt5/6 which had in lobby/race mic chat integrated from launch. Gt5 came out 6 years ago on the ps3.... so I'd say it's pretty unacceptable for this game not to have voice chat on ps4 in 2016. But thats not the only thing online gameplay is lacking right now, we are also waiting for news to be released in the next week for the plan to add custom lobbies. This game has about as much online content as a free psn game at the moment
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  8. fredzy

    fredzy Rookie

    Is chat integrated into Assetto Corsa on xbox, or is it some xbox application/function working independently of the game?

    One thing I'll note, is that the PS Messages app for iPhone and probably Android works really well as a substitute. It's very easy to find people you're playing with in-game and send PSN messages real quick from the phone.
  9. robgunns

    robgunns Rookie

    Really hope something is done about this..Still nothing being mentioned about it anywhere.
  10. MasterGT

    MasterGT Gamer

    There is no need to wait. Just use what is available now, such as Skype and Hangouts, even Discord or TeamSpeak. I've even known drivers to use their cell phones, but watch your charges. If you must, even Google Voice is free, if you are in the US.

    The last time that I checked, their free versions all have enough headroom to group 16 drivers in a conversation.
  11. robgunns

    robgunns Rookie

    I understand they are plenty of options for a group but when its open lobbies there are no options for communication to other players other than messaging outside assetto(ps message etc)would be awesome to have a chat within the lobby so u can chat to all at once.
  12. MasterGT

    MasterGT Gamer

    How many console racing sims have chat in open lobbies?

    All you would get is a bunch of weenies playing crappy music in their background or doing sound effects with their voice.

    Let's see what we get with private lobbies first.
  13. robgunns

    robgunns Rookie

    Almost all console games have ingame chat with the option to mute players if u choose to do so.
  14. Brainspasm

    Brainspasm Gamer

    i would like to see a TEXT CHAT,
    voice chat maybe optional- it sucks hearing disgusting loud noises from random strangers.
    nothing is worse than midrace a ***** joins the server with loud music in background or screaming into the mic ect ect ect.... it kill my ears and my race :)

    text chat is the best, like in gt5/6 awesome lobby :)
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  15. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Hardcore Simmer

    If that is added, please add an option to not have it. Idiot gets in the middle of the race trolling and the race is ruined.
  16. merkin

    merkin Rookie

    I only have about 2-3 months in this game and decided to try an online lobby and jumped into what I think was a free-drive (not necessarily a race) on that long German track. Don't ask me to spell it. I have a rough idea of the track layout from some practice, but I'm certainly nowhere near being proficient at it. After a pit to repair damage, someone else came out behind me and so I pulled over to the side there just after the barriers on the track and he pulled up next to me. I assumed he wanted to race. I really wanted to tell the guy I'm not proficient enough to do this yet and realized one flaw in this game is there is no way to communicate with anyone, as far as I can tell. Yeah, some will abuse communication, but otherwise, I can see it as being a very important element to making things run well.
  17. robgunns

    robgunns Rookie

    Can we get a response to this please.I dont want to be posting again in a differet part of the forum.I understand KUNOS u have a lot to deal with but any thoughts on this it would be great to hear from you.

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