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Want to buy wheel and pedal set

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by RAZ.A, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. RAZ.A

    RAZ.A Rookie

    hey i Want to buy wheel and pedal set
    Thrustmaster T150 RS PRO Racing Wheel
    Thrustmaster TMX Pro Racing Wheel
    Logitech Driving Force G29
    which set is recommend?

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  3. Timm2012

    Timm2012 Gamer

    Hi, Out of that list I would go for the G29.
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  4. RAZ.A

    RAZ.A Rookie

    yeah i will go with the g29
  5. kraM1t

    kraM1t Gamer

    T150 Pro or TMX Pro is much better than the G29.

    Go look at InsideSimRacing review one youtube, you'll see.
  6. jelydonut

    jelydonut Rookie

    Just to note, the TMX is for Xbox, while the other 2 are Playstation. If your willing to spend that much on the G29, why not look at the T300? Had a T150 myself, and upgraded to the T300.
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  7. RAZ.A

    RAZ.A Rookie

    i in pc
    and t300 price is higer by far in my country
  8. laart2005

    laart2005 Rookie

    Watch out, you will get hooked. I started out with the g27 years ago, went to the g29, bought two to have LAN racing with the wife, turns out she wasn't interested. Who knew after 45 years of marriage. Stayed with the g29, replaced the pedals with Fanatec's club sport v3, a great step up, then replaced with Protosymtech PT-1s, replaced the g27 shifter with DSDs Pro Seq. Got 2 brothers in the game, they both went with Thrustmaster, I found the brake pedals very uninteresting! Sold v3 pedals to one.
    Replaced the g29 wheel with Fanatec's v 2.5, wow!
    So watch out and good luck, or you will be left with g29s (or Thrustmasters) sitting in the closet. Perhaps when my grandson grows up.
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