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What Wheel Would You Recommend ?

Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 Discussions' started by Timm2012, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. Stotty

    Stotty Gamer

    I started AC with a G29 back in January. Despite previously having a G25 and 2 x G27 to play GT5/6, and loving them, I didn't like the G29 with AC.

    There's a big FF deadzone with the G29 on AC on the PS4, and this makes placing the car in to high speed corners that need minimal lock very difficult... also found correcting minor slides on corner exits difficult as well.

    Bought a T300 after 2 months... it's a much, much better wheel with AC... though I'm using mine with G29 pedals (via an adapter), so can't comment on TM pedals.

    Only real criticisms of the T300 are the rim is covered in a rubber like material, which doesn't feel very nice, and the button layout is rubbish.
  2. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    Do NOT buy a G29. It's an outdated rip-off with the exact same insides as the G25. Technology has moved on and belt-driven, brushless motor wheels are state of the art.

    I have a T500 RS with a TH8A shifter and I had to re-tighten and grease the throttle potentiometer, that's all.

    A G29 might be an alright wheel if you look at it isolated. But put it into perspective with how TM and Fanatec have proceeded and Logi keeps re-badging old tech and you'll see it's a no-brainer.
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  3. Graveltrap

    Graveltrap Alien

    I've had the same T300RS for a fair while. Thrustmaster build quality is a problem, I have remade several electrical connections and had to push home some of the plugs.

    The plastic hinges for the paddle also failed on the original wheel, I haven't taken the 599 evo wheel to bits yet to check.

    Right now I have a horribly loud fan that needs to be looked at...

    The T300 is great to use, when it is working anyway ;)

    My experience of Logitech is limited to a driving force pro, that thing was bullet proof ! It must have done 250,000 virtual miles by the time I had to clean the pedals....

    In the U.K. the G29 can be had for little money (GBP 149 in Curry's right now) and has to be worth considering if you are on a budget.
  4. Stotty

    Stotty Gamer

    Agree completely the G series wheels are super reliable - only thing mine have needed is the pots cleaning occasionally.... otherwise 100% reliable over many years of serious playing.

    And at £150, they are decent value... but you can pick up a T300 for a little over £200 (I paid £209 for mine off ebay). At this level of incremental cost it's a no brainer as far as I'm concerned for the massively better driving experience.
  5. _Fulgore_

    _Fulgore_ Racer

    after 2 years of intensive use off the G27, i wanna upgrade to belt drive driven steers, i had it for a very low price so went with the g27 and just started back with simracing, before i had the momo and GT2 game, fun fun
    also the pedals are not bad from the g27 but upgraded to the gteye mod, better springs and more control, it aint a bad steering wheels and ffb with a lut file does the job, can't say nothing about the G29, only hardware wise its old hardware,....
    im not sure if anyone here allready tested the new thrustmaster : http://www.thrustmaster.com/en_US/products/ts-pc-racer, because the whole forum talks great about the t500

    so for the OP is depends how much money you spend = how much pleasure you want :)
  6. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    Ah so you eventually sorted your deadzone issue out eventually, one way or the other. I was going to GIMX my G27 but think i might as well use that money towards a better wheel.
    Agree but.......
    I've seen the G29 for £129 at currys and Amazon. You could sell the G29 for £100 a year later so surely worth considering as a stop gap?
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  7. Chreos

    Chreos Rookie

    I'm very happy with my T300, which is about 2 years old now. Recently changed the wheel for the Alcantara Ferrari 599 Evo, as the original wheel often refused to shift down. I like the 2cm bigger wheel better than the original. It gives more precision in driving and a better feel in the force feedback.
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  8. Gulf917K

    Gulf917K Racer

    I have the same wheel. And never knew it was 2cm bigger than standard wheel!
    Very pleased with it though. :)
  9. Timm2012

    Timm2012 Gamer

    Hi, Curry's have put thier prices up within the last week was £150 now selling at £180
  10. MasterGT

    MasterGT Gamer

    The G29 has one advantage that no other wheel can match, if you want to play Gran Turismo - it has the GT control knobs.

    Logitech also has a very good warranty and they look after their customers well, from what I has seen over many years.
  11. shaq0853

    shaq0853 Gamer

    Disagree! logitech just want more money so replace G27 with G29, not like thrustmaster try to get old products support by new platform.

    Tech support from logitech is basic zero, still show no support to ac (ps4) on their website, when ac kindly let logitech have a g29 serting in control.

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  12. MasterGT

    MasterGT Gamer

    I didn't say "tech support". So long as their wheel works with AC, I won't complain.

    Their customer service is exemplary, though. Outstanding!
  13. kraM1t

    kraM1t Racer

    You lost all credibility when you said it simulates a load cell feel. You realise a Loadcell has NO FEELING at all right? It's a sensor. Rubber bushings/Springs give you the feel in a brake pedal, a Loadcell measures the pressure you apply and relays it, has nothing to do with the feel of a pedal.
  14. Luke7

    Luke7 Simracer

    Ok, take it easy, mr credibility evaluator. I don't even have a load cell at home, but I did have a go in a professional sim which had a load cell and the stiffness of the brake and the ability to modulate it was very similar to what I have on my g29. So all I really said was that my g29 brake pedal feels very similar to the one equipped with a load cell because I assumed that if a brake pedal is equipped with a load cell it would also be equipped with the appropriate springs and bushings.
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  15. shaq0853

    shaq0853 Gamer

    May I ask outstanding how?

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  16. MasterGT

    MasterGT Gamer

    I have followed many Logitech customer support issues since about 2004 and I have rarely, maybe never in my experience, seen them blow a support issue. They have gone out of their way to help customers, sometimes even when the product was beyond its expiry date. Follow the rules, be polite, and they will try to help you. Logitech has top-notch customer support.
  17. Manu8019

    Manu8019 Gamer

  18. bradleyland

    bradleyland Hardcore Simmer

    I have to agree. I have a T300 Ferrari Alcantara Edition, which comes with the T3PA pedals which include the conical brake mod. That finally broke after 15 months of me stomping on it, and so I upgraded to Fanatec Clubsport V3 pedals, with the CPX adapter, so I can use it with my T300 wheel base and PS4. Anyway, back to the point...

    The CS V3 pedals have a 90 kg load cell, and with the default rubber "spring", they actually feel very similar to the T3PA with conical brake mod. The big difference is in the subtle adjustability. The pedal travel on the T3PA pedals is very small when using the brake mod, so modulating your brake pressure is difficult. With the load cell, it's not really about pedal travel, but the range of pressure, which is HUGE by comparison.
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  19. bradleyland

    bradleyland Hardcore Simmer

    Timm2012, this is really the post you should pay the most attention to:

    Everyone has their own experience. IMO, both the G29 and the T300 are great wheels. They use different technology, and so they feel different. For my preferences, I felt like the T300 felt closer to an actual car. The gear drive in the G27 (and now the G29) feels unnatural to me. I can feel the gear mesh, and my car (E92 M3) doesn't have that feeling. With the correct settings, the feel of the E92 M3 in Assetto Corsa feels remarkably identical to my actual car. It blows my mind every time I drive it.

    As far as reliability, I think it is a fair statement that Thrustmaster has had their issues. It seems that it was worse early on though, and has improved. We no longer see the forums filled daily with stories of T300 failures.

    If you haven't already bought a wheel, I would strongly consider the T300 Ferrari Alcantara edition. It has a couple of advantages that I found very gratifying:

    - Larger diameter wheel, feels more like an actual car
    - Alcantara wrap feels incredible in your hands
    - The three pedal set with conical brake mod are far better than the base T300 pedals
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  20. shaq0853

    shaq0853 Gamer

    Lucky you, got zero good image since start buying logitech from ps2 wheel, but no better choice due to budget.

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