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XB1 XB1 Asking to delete locally saved games...

Discussion in 'Bug reports' started by BearNVa, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. BearNVa

    BearNVa Gamer

    XB1 keeps asking for me to delete the locally saved games... I'm on tier2 and it has stopped saving my progress... anyone else have dealing with this or know how to fix it?

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  3. Scuderia Paul

    Scuderia Paul Hardcore Simmer

    Your HDD must be full. If the non-saving issue is related then you must get rid of something. You could probably drop a game you haven't played in ages or likely won't go back to.
  4. inthebagbud

    inthebagbud Gamer

    This is not the reason as I use an external drive which is 25% full and continually get this message

    I ignore it and presume it is some how linked to xbox live and cloud save being out of sync with the local save - but only my assumption.

    If you delete your local copy it should then be replaced by the cloud copy next time round - shouldn't it ???
    BearNVa likes this.
  5. BearNVa

    BearNVa Gamer

    I use an 2tb ext drive also and it is only 2% full... I'm thinking of deleting the entire game and reinstalling it...wonder if that would cause more problems??
  6. Plato99

    Plato99 Simracer

    Same problem here. AC keeps telling me to resync my Cloud Save. When I do, I lose my saved setups.
    I have put the game on hold for a while until things are fixed. Fed up of writing down setups on paper!
  7. BearNVa

    BearNVa Gamer

    well just deleted everything for AC and reinstalled... when it was rebooted still had my old progress, I played a race and now it gives me the same thing about syncing my saved games and deleting my local games... this has got to be a problem on the server side one would think
  8. GRD 4 3L

    GRD 4 3L Rookie

    I had my profile/save completed deleted (had to start brand new) 2wice already on XB1. Had about 50 hrs worth of play/tinkering in it.

    First time I had completed 3 or 4 special events + on N4 career, I think (about 48 hrs of play time). 2nd time was much earlier in career and no special events (~4 hrs of play time?).

    Started career for 3rd time but this time keeping an eye on where/when it happens.
  9. DS B3AR

    DS B3AR Rookie

    I have uninstalled the game. Deleted saved data (including in the cloud). Reinstalled the game including the update. Started playing the career mode the first three stages go fine. When starting the fourth I get the message to delete the locally saved games. I have done that, rebooted and the data synced from the cloud.. Only the first and second stages were there. When I complete the third again when the fourth starts the same message pops up again. I have even run the game from a cell phone hotspot to eliminate cable error.
  10. inthebagbud

    inthebagbud Gamer

    Sounds like the same issue that pCars used to experience at the start, so looks like an xbox live issue. Maybe kunos and sms need to swap notes !
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  11. DS B3AR

    DS B3AR Rookie

    I deleted the game from my xbox and files in the cloud several days ago. Today I installed the game again and started the career section. At the start of the third stage of N-1 I got the message to delete the local stored files. I finished N-1 and backed out of the game and switched to another game and back to Assetto Corrsa. Only stages one and two were saved. This is VERY frustrating to say the least!
  12. BearNVa

    BearNVa Gamer

    Understand... my game WAS playing well but now there is so much screen lag and crap that I just stopped playing... when they release the patch update I hope it doesn't somewhat fix the problem I hope it FIXES the problems... I know it's work in progress but damn...
  13. BiggNasty187

    BiggNasty187 Gamer

    This is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!
  14. DS B3AR

    DS B3AR Rookie

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEW UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    After contacting 505 Games they directed me to Xbox support. Xbox Support had me reset my console saving my games and apps. At this time it appears to have corrected the problem.

    SGT EDUBB Gamer

    I did this a couple of nights ago trying to fix the sync error. After I did this, the sync left out my performance pack cars and career progress. Cannot redownload the cars as they were not available in the store. Now I'm out of town on biz for two weeks, how much is the prestige pack they released?
  16. IGX Nanni85

    IGX Nanni85 Rookie

    solution problem:
    when you make a setup to the machine if you put strange kind convergence parameters to 0 or camber to 0 you will not make them save and tells you that you need to free up all that still will be 'solved the next update those who played ac on pc knows that when you put a parameter that physics says you can not handle invalid setup I hope this helps and sorry but I'm Italian I translated with google translator!
  17. BiggNasty187

    BiggNasty187 Gamer

    So you are saying that if we have a custom setup, we can potentially move settings to "incompatible" parameters?

    Why would they allow us to put the game into a currupt state?

    Can someone confirm this? I tune my cars to death! I also find lots of time doing so. So tuning my cars is corrupting the games ability to save?

    Yo Kunoz, please report front and center to address this immediately please... Pretty please?!?!
  18. ShneebnaMRR108

    ShneebnaMRR108 Steam check

    When is anyone going to give a straight answer to this issue?
  19. mmoochie

    mmoochie Rookie

    I have done all the things you have done still had the same problem. I know that this doesn't sound like it should work but reseting my router fixed the problem for me.

    Sent from my SM-G925V using Tapatalk

    EMW SMILER Hardcore Simmer

    Hello Nasty,
    I can't save tunes and have not been able to since day 1 ..... yes its broken, but we are assured on a regular basis by those on PC (they know more than most about these issues having had the forum from day one and before I guess) that despite the lack of direct response IMO from Kunos they are working hard to to fix this and other known issues (not forgetting their blogs and patch notes). We have been asked to wait and they will, in time bring us some of the things that we are asking for. So at the moment we just have to struggle on.
  21. mmoochie

    mmoochie Rookie

    Turns out that fix was only temporary problem back after a few days

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