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KNOWN ISSUE Xbox One Tune save issue

Discussion in 'Bug reports' started by Dartman501, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. Dartman501

    Dartman501 Rookie

    Hi all,
    I noticed that if I save any tune in Career mode it will save but then if I try to save a second one it will tell me to delete my game save and re sync it.
    Also if I have a single tune saved in career my quick race will not work. My car will go at the start but no other AI cars will move and the yellow flag comes out after about 5-10 seconds. Then all the cars exept mi e disappear. If I back out and delete my tune I had saved and try a quick race again all works well.
    Is there a work around or is it that I just can't save tunes for the Xbox One game? The game is still so worth it even if I can't save the tunes just for the FFB you have! Love the game but it would be nice to be able to save the tunes I like for certain tracks.
    Thanks for any help or response
    Dan the Dartman

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  3. BobTheDog

    BobTheDog Hardcore Simmer

    Saving just seems to be totally broken on the XBox.

    I managed to get it working for a while by deleting the local saved game, the cloud saved game and the game itself and re-installing the game.

    You of course loose all your progress.

    And after a while it breaks again, so probably not much point.
  4. Dartman501

    Dartman501 Rookie

    Thanks Bob,
    I tried the same thing but the bug returned very quickly. I now get the settings where I like them and take pictures of them with my iPad so I can remember the settings I liked. A bit more work but Love the feeling this game gives me with my wheel. Still worth having the game but it would be nice to be able to save the tunes in the game.
  5. rich1e I

    rich1e I Gamer

    Seems to be an issue with the Xbox One version only, because people on PS4 say it's fixed and working now. I tried to delete and re-install the game but the problem's still there. I didn't lose my progress, though. There's actually no point in continuing any career mode or special events, because everything disappears when starting the game next time.
  6. Dartman501

    Dartman501 Rookie

    That happened to me once and I went from 49% complete to 3% complete but it has not reset my progress since and I am at 63%. The career races now are 30-40 lap races and a lot of fun to run. You do a testing session, a qualifying session and the 30 to 40 lap race. I really enjoy them. They would be so much more fun if we could save the tunes we like so when we stop for the day and come back again we don't have to reset everything but it is what it is. I still love the feeling this game provides with my Fanatec wheel....heaven!
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