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Your Chosen Wheel?

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by XB1MSTV, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. XB1MSTV

    XB1MSTV Rookie

    I've always been a Thrustmaster fan (I had a T150 with stock pedals previously), but I'm considering the Logitech G920 + Shifter option.

    So basically I just wanted to know what other console racers are using?

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  3. Gurkensepp

    Gurkensepp Racer

    I had a Thrustmaster TX. After 2 years it broke. It was a nice wheel but quality was bad. Now i have a Fanatec CSL Elite which is a big step up but very expensive.
  4. fitzy5

    fitzy5 Rookie

    I have the G920 and shifter and I find it works great with Assetto, once you break in the brake pedal which has the rubber block in it I find the progressive pressure needed works great.
  5. I just got my playseat as well as the G920 with the shifter. Since I started it has been great. The shifter though does tend to feel a bit wonky. Shift gate feeling isn't very solid. But the pedal construction is great. And yes. Once you break in the brake pedal it feels amazing. Loving every minute of Assetto Corsa with this setup.
  6. Rich 1701

    Rich 1701 Gamer

    Hi, all I can say about the G920 is that it's been a fairly good wheel to use but I'm on my second one as I took my first back to the shop around xmas time after having it for a year and a half the throttle pedal started sticking I tried cleaning it inside and it stopped for a bit but started again resulting in taking it back, now I'm on my second wheel and it has started sticking again but only after four months this time also the clutch pedal won't go down all the way so in game on Pcars 2 it says it's around 97% down even fully pressed and on AC the car creeps forward when fully pressed, it's done this since I got it but that didn't bother me too much but the throttle pedal sticking is a real pain and looses lap time. I'm taking it back soon since you get a 2 year warranty with it from PC world so that's something I guess but I'm thinking of getting a different wheel anyway because no doubt it will happen again with the 3rd wheel:( it's worth noting that all wheels seem to have problems it's just luck of the draw really. Something for you to consider anyway bud:)
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  7. I suppose it also comes down to driving style? But thanks. I'll keep this in mind. It'd great to know. Could well be something to take up with Logitech if it happens more frequently across the board in the future. Wheels and the like are really pricey and hard to come by in my country. A great thrustmaster or fanatec would be ideal.;)
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  8. Rich 1701

    Rich 1701 Gamer

    I do some league racing now(for the last few months) so the wheel gets used A LOT! for practice so could be why it hasn't lasted long this time round but either way shouldn't happen cause like you say they are not cheap. :)

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