1. Do you need support for Assetto Corsa Competizione? Please use the proper forum below and ALWAYS zip and attach the WHOLE "Logs" folder in your c:\users\*youruser*\AppData\Local\AC2\Saved. The "AppData" folder is hidden by default, check "Hidden items" in your Windows view properties. If you report a crash, ALWAYS zip and attach the WHOLE "Crashes" folder in the same directory.
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Assetto Corsa Official price and price regions

The official EU price of Assetto Corsa Early Access is 34.99€ and it is 22% less than the final price.
There will be no offers and discounts until some time after the v1.0 gets out.

Steam creates specific price regions. We give our price and they propose different prices on different regions according to the average income of the country.
On some countries AC costs much less than the official price, because of that steam region price system.
Normally you can't acquire AC or any steam product from a different region, because at the end the system will ask your address and verify, then finally will change the final price.

Some dubious websites, offer steam games at a discounted price. In particular we've seen AC offered at around 20-22€. What those sites do, is to acquire codes from the Russian region at around 12€ and then sell them as region free codes at 22€ somehow, gaining about 100% from these tactics. This not permitted by Steam terms and conditions and it is by all means black market. It also means that while we try to make happy people that live on countries with less income, we are getting robbed for that.

You are excused if you didn't know, but please make a responsible choice if you know.
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Nov 20, 2013
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