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kernelbase.dll error on Windows 10

Solution from user Trystan34:

I somehow managed to fix the game. It finally launches!

I don't know which of the following actually events fixed it though. I think it may be the new account creation though.

I researched into "KERNELBASE.dll" error and found that users were experiencing issues due to account names or something.

The events that took place after researching:

  • Changed "Computer Name" (By default Windows 10 installed without asking me what I wanted the computers name to be)
  • I created a new User Account and made it an Administrative account and then restarted pc
  • Logged into the new account and installed Steam. (It started deleting cache files from the Steam install on my external HDD, I then installed Steam on C Drive)
  • Logged into Steam went to Assetto Corsa -> opened directory and and made AssettoCorsa.exe "Run as administrator" and then... IT LAUNCHED!
I then logged back into main Windows account and tried to run the game and it worked too. I then deleted the second Windows account and restarted pc. Once logged back in, tried running it once more and it worked again.
Aug 7, 2015
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