1. Do you need support for Assetto Corsa Competizione? Please use the proper forum below and ALWAYS zip and attach the WHOLE "Logs" folder in your c:\users\*youruser*\AppData\Local\AC2\Saved. The "AppData" folder is hidden by default, check "Hidden items" in your Windows view properties. If you report a crash, ALWAYS zip and attach the WHOLE "Crashes" folder in the same directory.
  2. FOR ASSETTO CORSA COMPETIZIONE: If you report issues with saved games, please always zip and attach your entire User/Documents/Assetto Corsa Competizione/Savegame folder!
  3. If your game executable is missing, please add your entire Steam directory to the exceptions in your antivirus software, then run a Steam integrity check or reinstall the game altogether.

assetto corsa

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    Video Link: [MEDIA] Hope you all enjoy!
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