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£5 shifter mount Playseat challenge

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by Diego fiorillo, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Hi guys and gals I know there are several of these but I just I would add. This is what I did for my g920 and Playseat challenge. I also have a question and a comment..

    1. Do any of you get vertical wobble in the steering column on the Playseat challenge?

    2. Also, turning up the vibration effect to about 50 for your wheel gives the Playseat challenge almost a buttkicker effect which really was an unexpected bonus. The chassis actually vibrates!

    Anyway, using a Halfords 38mm exhaust clamp and an L plate here.

    Please see files.

    Gamertag is XvinorossoX

    Attached Files:

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  3. DD_Friar

    DD_Friar Simracer

    I also have a Playseat Challenge. I fitted mine by simply cutting down a piece of laminate flooring and fixed it to the steering wheel mouting plate extending out to the left and bolted the shifter to that. For me it sits in a natural position, although I very rarly use it. In fact I have a Logitech G25 (which has the two modes) in tip-tronic mode and have push forward mapped to flash lights as I race in VR and its a quick and easy thing to feel for.

    I love the seat as I race on the family computer so is not dedicated so when not racing it just unplugs and folds away behind some curtains in my dining room.

    I cant say I have noticed any movement. Do you always lock your seat in position? Is there wear on the positioning screws?

  4. It is literally only 4 days old, i do not see any wear. yeah i always tighten it up and close the latch. I will have to post a video to show you. It is weird because everyone says they are so sturdy at the steering column.
  5. bgil66

    bgil66 Alien

    I do have a little vertical play/flex with my TS PC base which is screwed to the plate but it's fine and doesn't affect my driving. My next upgrade will be like a GT Omega cockpit but not in the near future. Was thinking about adding a shifter, good job on that but be careful with the metal. The challenge is great and comfortable just wish the seat was a little wider:)

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