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[1.16.3] Career N2 2/6 PC

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Kapucha, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. Kapucha

    Kapucha Rookie

    Good morning.

    I have a question related to difficulty. Trying to win N2 2/6 race with BMW Z4 E89 with opponents set to 98%.
    I'm doing times around 1:47:00 - 1:47:50 regularly after 2 laps when tires get proper temps but I can't reach first two BMW. They are driving under 1:47:00 almost always.

    I managed to be second but after collision with second BMW on first corner just after start but I fell this is no fair. I'm driving on PRO settings.

    Are my times weak?

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  3. Nao

    Nao Alien

    Yeah you are not supposed to win vs 1M. It can be done even on 100% AI if you can do below 1:46.0's , but even then it takes some luck and a big lunge into T1 where they suck.
    I love Z4, 1:45 is probably the limit for it on Nurb sprint. Make sure you are running 25-26 PSI pressure and max negative camber all 4 tyres.

    Still 1:47 is pretty decent, especially when hardly anybody knows how to drive this car... and just like in real life you can't win it all. :)
  4. Kapucha

    Kapucha Rookie

    Thanks for Your reply.

    F - Front
    R - Rear

    Yep I currently using 26PSI F and 27PSI R Semislicks. Max negative camber F/R, a little negative TOE (TOE-OUT) on F and positive TOE (TOE-IN) on R, 9 liters of fuel, No TC, ABS ON.

    I've added a lot of positive TOE on rear because the car was very unstable especially during braking and entering into the corner. Sometimes You can't push hard on the brakes because rear will slide too much. Will try to practice and we will see. I know where I'm making mistakes. Kumho and Bit Kurve are tricky for me but Bit Kurve is much more important because of straight line after it and I feel I'm loosing a lot on this corner.

    My PB on Sprint on those settings is: 1:46:98 but how to reach 1:45... OMG Need to practice a lot :)
  5. Nao

    Nao Alien

    1:45 is made in 4 places
    1) you have to carry a lot of speed through T1, while getting close to the pylon
    2) turns T3-4, keep T3 speed high and turn for T4 rather early, fly over it's apex and don't worry about exit speed that much, you want to clear whole section as fast as possible.
    3) T8 (bit-kurve) you do not want to maximize speed for the straight, thats a noob trap. As with any other corner you want to clear it as fast as possible while still being on the power at it's apex. But because of how close T7 is, it's driver choice where T8 starts, which means that often slower drivers extend it to the left, then have troubles slowing down on entry, coast, miss the apex, and exit with reasonably high speed not knowing they just lost 0.6s in the corner itself (which is not recoverable on straight, even with the best of exits).
    4) chicane, each sausage taken underneath the car is ~0.3s+ gain. If you expect the car to fly over both kerbs, you can take much higher entry speed, which also means pretty late braking. Tricky, feels a bit cheap, but hey it's street a car, high ride height and soft suspension is it's strong point, gotta use it somewhere :).

    As for toe, well unstable is usually fast :). For me default toe is actually in very good spot. If you have troubles on entry, try to threashold break more. When ABS is acting, there should be sweetspot where less braking = more turning and vice-versa, so you can turn the car with only brake pedal. Also i'd not try to "fix" the entry issues into Bit-Kurve with setup, it will slow the car down on the whole track for a small gain that can be fixed by changing line there. (have a small straight line braking section between T7 and T8).
    Kapucha likes this.
  6. Kapucha

    Kapucha Rookie

    Thanks @Nao for great tips. I managed yesterday to do 1:46.252 and I regularly doing now times between 1:46.400 - 1:47.000 so it is a huge progress for me. The best advice for me was chicane :)
    Now I fell I'm messing totally T1 because car is to aggressively enter to this corner and my back is sliding a lot. I think I will reduce front TOE so it will not so much negative, maybe I will return to default ones because now the car reacts too much on little movement of the steering wheel during breaking.

    I almost won the race, but being second is now quiet normal for me. I will be practicing so I can get under 1:45.000. I like this challenge.

    Thanks again mate :)
  7. Nao

    Nao Alien


    Yeah its really fun combo :)

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