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MULTIPLAYER 1.2 - Competition Server changes

Discussion in 'ACC Blog' started by Minolin, Nov 4, 2019.

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  1. holnivek

    holnivek Gamer

    I'm #3xx with just a few CP races, I think the rank is based on your CP elo.
  2. Vítor Sousa

    Vítor Sousa Alien

    Is it that small that I achieved it in so few races, and at least a couple of those I wrecked and finished last of the finishers?
  3. Even if you wreck, if you get to the finish line you win over anyone that disconects, if all 8 races you finished it I would say yes
  4. Burnleyhome

    Burnleyhome Racer

    US CP server here.
    I've always been in the 900's. My CP is 56 (varies between 53 -58) and elo is around 1480. I've done about 15 races.
    Maybe you need above 1,500 elo to get a < 900 number
  5. Not really, if the best player would to have 1499 ELO (I know that's not possible), you would have <900 number with less than 1500 ELO. You just need to be one of the 900 people with most ELO of the game, the number doesn't matter
  6. Can somebody tell me when the CP EU races are? And how long they are?
  7. Fabio Pittol

    Fabio Pittol Gamer

    The first post can! lol
  8. In EU there are more servers that what the first post says
  9. Cocoa

    Cocoa Rookie

    No it does not, they've added many more and changed the timings... unfortunately the thread was not updated...
  10. Fabio Pittol

    Fabio Pittol Gamer

    Sorry, didn't know that! But lately, I can't say I'm surprised either.
    Vision_Slayer_525 likes this.
  11. Retrofly

    Retrofly Gamer

    Has anyone had an issue where they are registered for a CP race and you get the "registered please wait" screen, but you never get the "click to join" screen. It was just stuck on "refresh", I kept pressing refresh but nothing worked, so I backed out into the main menu then back into MP and I got a red message saying "registration is already full please try again later". Im not sure what else I could have done as I was already registered. Is it possible to fill up CP races and run out of space? I registered almost as soon as the registration was open.
  12. Cocoa

    Cocoa Rookie

    While I don't believe it's documented anywhere, it's not a first come first serve basis but rather off of your SA rating. The higher the rating, the higher priority. I noticed that when you get into the 90s you pretty much always get a slot (at least where it is/everyone is at the moment with SAs), 80s and less is hit and miss.
  13. Retrofly

    Retrofly Gamer

    Question about variable weather races. How is it possible to judge track conditions pre-race? Should you use the conditions in qualifying or is it plain guesswork?

    Yesterday on Brands Hatch is was raining on the grid but no real way to tell how much standing water there was. As it was raining, I decided to take a dry setup with wet tires with the hope it would dry up and I could switch to dries. After 1 lap my tires were red hot and I had to pit for dry's. Is it just luck or is there anyway to judge/guess the weather conditions other than looking at the weather on the grid?

    Thanks in advance.
  14. sirgaric

    sirgaric Hardcore Simmer

    Qualy and Race overlap. This means the start of the race always uses the ending condition of the qualy. So yes, you can use the qualy to gauge how the race conditions will be. If qualy started dry and at some point light rain starts, you can expect a damp track at the start of the race, but no standing water. Also, you can check the weather prediction and track condition while waiting for the race to start.
    holnivek likes this.
  15. But today is 12 and it says Suzuka instead of random?
  16. Petro1head

    Petro1head Gamer

    Is there a way to stop players from joining after the race has started
  17. in settings.json, you need to set:

    "isRaceLocked": 1
  18. Petro1head

    Petro1head Gamer

    Brill, thanks
  19. Daniele_1971

    Daniele_1971 Rookie

    Since about 8 days, every time I try to participate in a "server competizioni", after registering, when it is time to access, I get the message "registration is already full please try again later". The first time I thought it was due to the fact it was Sunday, 4 pm. Then I tried on the week at 10 pm. Then I also tried today at 4 pm, but without success. After being able to connect the first 4 or 5 times, now it's impossible! I have CP = 10 and SA = 95.
  20. Kevin Cox

    Kevin Cox Gamer

    Things I would like to see for future multi-class racing in CP servers.
    1. Be able to see your class position rather than overall position while racing.
    2. Need a better balance of car class. I've normally been in the 2nd splits and on average there are only 3-5 GT4 cars out of a grid of 25.
    3. Have private qual or at least different class qualifying separately.
    4. Have somewhere to see your stats post race.
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