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MULTIPLAYER 1.2 - Competition Server changes

Discussion in 'ACC Blog' started by Minolin, Nov 4, 2019.

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  1. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Alien

    Have a look at that thread: Multiclass issues
    This one is for V1.2 and we're at V1.5 already
  2. Why do you want a private qualy? Is part of multiclass racing
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  3. Senna94f1

    Senna94f1 Racer

    Sounds great.
    Please bring this over to ps4 and ps4 needs a priority patch to reinstall the FFB FOR T300 wheel owners.

    THE ORIGINAL AC on steam is going strong. But obviously that's on my pc .
  4. Afaik, CP races are planned on consoles, dunno about when
  5. Never[VR]

    Never[VR] Gamer

    Hey, how would I find out the US server IP, I would like to block it, so the game would allow me to join EU servers, even tho I live in NA, my schedule doesn't allow me to join NA races.

  6. LukFry

    LukFry Racer

    @Minolin is a 02:00pm CP server possible? at least on weekends
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  7. I know its probably already been answered, but don't want to read through 32 pages. Why do the competition servers only run 3 times per day? Wouldn't it be more applicable to just run them every 2 hours since there are those that may not have the ability to run at the scheduled times?
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  8. AnToN_CheZ

    AnToN_CheZ Rookie

    Less races means a more compacted spread of drivers over the races that are already there. Which for most is good, if your schedule can support it. What I would suggest as an alternative to that, however, is allow people to select the region they would like to join / create a new server in a different time zone and location (or even just time zone, I have no issues connecting to the US server EXCEPT for the fact that I am forced to use a VPN to avoid the "no servers in your region" issue) so that people running on off schedules, night shift, or whatever else can just join those instead. This would avoid diluting the player pool and also help those across the other side of the world experience the great CP racing service that's been created. For me, other than iRacing, it's the benchmark for how online should be done and I can only pray that other titles follow suit. That QUICK JOIN button is a gift from heaven. NO ONE else has it.
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  9. M.Eichhorn

    M.Eichhorn Rookie

    Frustrating experience for new (er) players. I really believe that this sim is the best on the market, even better than (the dated) iracing which is my main sim. Everytime I come back to ACC, I think I should open an ACC branch within our racing Team (which btw has several real live GT3 and GT4 drivers and they love ACC). Although my ratings are at least meeting the minimum requirements for CP Servers, I can't join because I'm obviously not worthy enough. Then every 2 hours the same story, what a waste of lifetime, imagining how often I could have raced on iracing in the same time instead of waiting. That turns you down especially if you have proper online competion system in your other hand. It's a pitty because this sim deserves more competion but in the current CP state ACC will never be attractive enough to pull players from other sims (mainly iracing) over.
    Again... I believe this is the best sim out there but please provide more competition (servers).
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  10. gijzijtdood

    gijzijtdood Rookie

    Why did the hour change from 7pm to 8pm? Now I can't do CP races anymore :(
  11. holnivek

    holnivek Gamer

    Daylight savings ended. Kunos probably uses UTC and not local time for race schedule.
  12. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Please elaborate the problem, I can't see what is wrong. Also please follow the instructions (FAQ: associate with steam) so I can actually help you.
  13. sirgaric

    sirgaric Hardcore Simmer

    He is probably being rejected and getting the "servers full" message.
  14. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    I doubt that, it happened for 3 races during the past weeks - and odds just aren't there that he is rejected consecutively
  15. DeltaHF94

    DeltaHF94 Rookie

    I can't play in a CP server. "Registration full, please try later" always, againg and againg. Why?

    Attached Files:

  16. smaxxx

    smaxxx Gamer

    I got rejected three times in a row:

    My Ratings:

    I have read in this thread that the chances to get accepted increase when you get rejected. But what factor?
    Yisus likes this.
  17. DeltaHF94

    DeltaHF94 Rookie

    Just 3 times? I can play one time on 10 if God want
  18. deni80s

    deni80s Gamer

    In the competition section (сlick on it) see the rating ELO
    The higher it is, the more chances you have to get to the server.
  19. gijzijtdood

    gijzijtdood Rookie

    Didn't get in for over a week now. It just sucks!
  20. Preckur

    Preckur Rookie

    Hey guys i just wanted to know the daily config of the CP Server. In which races, 4pm (45min), 6pm (60min), 8pm (60min) and 10pm (45min) do we have Pitwindows? Or is it random?
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