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1.2: steam workshop?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by ir Sindaco, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. ir Sindaco

    ir Sindaco Alien

    I haven't read anything about the Steam Workshop support in 1.2, still if i remember correctly the plan was to introduce it during spring/summer (can't remeber the thread/news/tweet where i read this back in the day). Any updated info on the subject?
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  3. Brownninja97

    Brownninja97 Alien

    highly doubt its coming soon sadly, they said early 2015 but well things likely happened and it was pushed aside, bit of a shame because i know A LOT of people that would buy this game if it had workshop support
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  4. Quffy

    Quffy Alien

    Yea seems it was pushed back, hope they make it work soon after v1.2 release.
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  5. Brownninja97

    Brownninja97 Alien

    It shouldn't take too long to code, the would just mean the game would search multiple places for tracks and or cars and apps etc. Loading time might get longer as a result though. In my expereince though code always seems to find a way to catch you way off guard and screw up something.
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  6. ir Sindaco

    ir Sindaco Alien

    Thanks guys, let's just wait for words from the Lord himself, or someone else from the staff. Hope this makes its way in soon, because it would greatly help the modded contents spread more easily and probably to a wider audience, and hopefully help for more quality modded content on online servers while we wait for more top quality DLCs from Kunos themselves, it's a win-win :)
  7. Quffy

    Quffy Alien

    What if with Steam Workshop you can make it to play against cars you didn't purchase (dlc), but in a track you own. The content gets downloaded and installed in your pc, but you can only use a car you own, even though in the server there are cars you can't access. Then you can race against them as you have them installed, but of course they aren't linked to your steam account. The same way you can't use cracked dreampack dlc content in a legit copy of the game you own on steam. You can only use dreampack dlc with a non-steam version of AC.
    So this way, when new users install the game, they don't have to download all content, only in case they want to join online servers and want to use a GT3 car they own, against GT3 cars he doesn't. Then steam workshop automatically subscribes and installs the needed cars, or if not possible automatically, redirect him to the steam page where he needs to subscribe to download, so he races against dlc content he doesn't own.

    This helps with not fragmenting the community, because currently both parties suffer, since those who own the dlc, don't have as much servers with the dlc content included as it could be possible, so both sides get fragmented and have unnecessary restrictions. For consoles, they will already have all the content from the get go, but on PC the online community will continue to be fragmented with more paid content packs released.
  8. St3fan

    St3fan Alien

    That's a huge amount of work though... I wish when they first designed the framework for mp they were not too shortsighted and made it too hard to have a good implementation of Steam Workshop as you have described.
  9. ap_gto

    ap_gto Gamer

    Excuse my ignorance but what exactly is steam workshop used for ?
  10. St3fan

    St3fan Alien

    It is basically a marketplace of mods for a game. You can subscribe to any mod you like e.g. cars, tracks, apps, and then the Workshop will automatically install (properly) the mods for you and make sure all the mods are up to date, and when you unsubscribe the mod, it will uninstall the mod properly as well.
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  11. wedge_one

    wedge_one Simracer

    Not a marketplace, more like a repository for mods.

    You're talking about official content on Steam Workshop? I didn't understand. Steam Workshop is only for third party mods, like Formula Corsa, Formula Masters, Mazda Miata, etc. Not even paid mods like the URD EGT are going to be available on Steam Workshop because it requires purchase.

    But regarding DLC, the best approach for Kunos is to follow the same steps of Bohemia Interactive with Arma 3. It has been discussed before.
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  12. Quffy

    Quffy Alien

    I think there are no violations for Kunos putting their official and licensed content (dlc) in steam workshop. Because basically what workshop does is to install files in your pc, and keep them up to date when there are updates. But on the principle that you can't use this dlc content unless you purchased the dlc for your steam account. But you need to have car files installed if you want to join a server with a car you own against cars you don't. But of course a further development is needed from the devs, to make it possible that you can't use cars you don't have, on a server where you own at least one car and of course the track you must own it too.
    But Steam Workshop wouldn't even be needed for this, because they could add all dlc content when you install the game, but you just can't use it since you don't own it in your steam account, but is installed so that you can join servers, like in my explanation above.
  13. St3fan

    St3fan Alien

    It is becoming a marketplace: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/aboutpaidcontent

    Good or bad, remains to be seen. Imho it is important that the community makes sure that nobody is using their ripped-off stuff to rob people of their money on the Workshop.
  14. Guidofoc

    Guidofoc Alien

    I would focus on the modded content. Steam Workshop is the perfect complement for an "open to mods" game like AC. One of AC's strongest points is the thriving community of modders and having an adequate content management for mods would just be the perfect fit.

    I can haz Steeem Wokshap pltz?
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  15. zaratul

    zaratul Hardcore Simmer

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  16. wedge_one

    wedge_one Simracer

    Like zaratul said, that feature was scrapped after the mod gate drama.

    Of course there are violations. It's not a nobody land. You can even have you account closed for putting licensed content without permission.

    Steam Workshop is actually pretty good and easy to use and it works very well for many games like Skyrim, Arma 3, Space Engineers, you name it.
  17. CCX

    CCX Hardcore Simmer

    From what I've heard before though workshop wouldn't allow me to use official licensed names and branding on my cars. Is this true? If I have to make up names for cars and use fake badges that doesn't interest me.
  18. Jebus

    Jebus Alien

    Wouldn't that apply to weapons as well? I'm pretty sure weapon model names are registered trademarks too, someone correct me if I'm wrong. I'm using workshop for Insurgency and everything there have their real name. Maybe it's different with cars and company logos but I don't see how it could be.

    Edit. Oh and of course I fully support workshop integration to AC, it's really neat system. As long as cars/tracks can use real names and logos that is.
  19. nonnex

    nonnex Alien

    If true than this could be a problem in our case, but I don't have a good knowledge of the steam:workshop terms so I don't know either.

    But if the current terms (maybe) are the only problem, then the team of "mod organizer" could maybe help out by supporting AC (if even possible (no clue)? Or Nexus itself?

    I loved to use mod organizer in my Fallout and skyrim times: All have used it instead of workshop because of its great dependency, conflict, sorting, easy use and hell it has so many features.

  20. St3fan

    St3fan Alien

    I just realized that I don't own any racing game that supports Steam Workshop (and wow maybe workshop feature is actually sth really big to ask from kunos?)... so can't say much. And yes, shooter games' workshops have real gun names, but many are generic and you don't see the name of the actual manufacturer quite often. I'm wondering what the boundaries are.
  21. nonnex

    nonnex Alien

    Maybe its simplier then we think. Lack of time to look deeper into it?

    There were an E3, some console thing, 1.2 and only the Kraken knows what else. Maybe after 1.2 there will be a slot for it?

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