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1080Ti sli performance

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by hvb83, Apr 4, 2020.

  1. hvb83

    hvb83 Rookie

    Hi guys,

    I was into racesims 6 years ago, but didn't really have the time in between, small kids, real world racing, expanding the business, etc. Given the circumstances we're currently in, I thought I'd pick up on that again, so trying to get my hands on a P1X and Simucube again, but it seems more people came up with that idea over the past weeks, so I'll have to wait a little longer probably. :)

    Anyway, GPU-wise I have a couple of 1080Ti's lying around, just not up and running at the moment. I'm not keen on buying a 2080Ti now only to see the 30xxTi's when they get released being a real step up. I'll be going triple screen, 1440p, no VR planned for the near future.

    I've seen some threads, which sometimes seem a bit indecisive to me and I can imagine the advise might be different if you would actually have to buy a new GPU in order to go SLI or play different games also, but for me that's not the case. I'll only be driving AC/ACC, no other games and I have the GPUs already. What is the current status on SLI for ACC? Will 1080Ti's in SLI deliver any sort of advantage, or should I not get my hopes up and expect to use 1080p for the foreseeable future?

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  3. Greg Southall

    Greg Southall Rookie

    Also interested to see whether anyone has had any beneficial results with SLI.

    I’ll soon be investigating this areas myself with twin 2080Ti’s (mainly for any benefit I can get in VR).

    So far, from internet wide searches and this forum, I’ve accumulated the following (VR also included but not relevant to you).
    - SLI profile introduced by NVidia drivers middle of last year.
    - No confirmation seen whether Kunos supports it.
    - Some users report seeing benefit (within this forum) using AFR2 in the nVidia control Panel.
    - From nVidia forum: AFR2 works well with HDR/HDR+AA effects typically seen with newer games. AF1 works better with older games
    - AFR can lead to micro stuttering, and where this is potential big issue in VR, may be overcome by having 2 frames rendered in advance in the VR settings i.e. steam VR
    - DLSS and VRSS wanted but nothing to say whether Kunos or nVidia will implement for this title.

    Keep us posted how you get on.

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