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XB1 11am and I still cant play my digital preordered copy on xbox one?

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by DNR_Gaming, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. DNR_Gaming

    DNR_Gaming Gamer

    I preordered the game and I cant launch it, am I missing something?

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    ORO ERICIUS Rookie

    You can play the game 6pm. In the store there is the relasetime.
  4. Same for me- it just say pre order
  5. DNR_Gaming

    DNR_Gaming Gamer

    So basically i'll play tomorrow? lol

    Nice one!

    ORO ERICIUS Rookie

    In germany I can play at 18:00. I thought this is the same as 6pm / post meridiem? Why tomorrow?
  7. DNR_Gaming

    DNR_Gaming Gamer

    Cause not everyone can play in the evening? June 23rd starts at midnight, that’s why I preordered in the first place

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    ORO ERICIUS Rookie

    Allright Sir :)
  9. Dewald Nel

    Dewald Nel Racer

    Then you play it the next day. They can't suit everybody's schedules.
  10. The time standing there for weeks that's will be released at 18:00 CET. So everyone who preordered can read this

    ORO ERICIUS Rookie

    except for the people who can't read :-D
  12. DNR_Gaming

    DNR_Gaming Gamer

    Not written anywhere on the xbox store btw, damage control much? Lol

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  13. On my Xbox it says available at June 23rd 18:00 above the wish list button. 4 hours wait will be survivable. Maybe is have something to do with a day one update?
  14. DNR_Gaming

    DNR_Gaming Gamer

    Dunno bro, I m not saying its kunos fault, im just pissed off lol

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  15. It is pretty bad though!! I don't like digital downloads, it's taken me years to accept that this is the way things are heading. I own ACC on PC since open beta, but I ordered the Xbox One version for my son. Luckily they offer a disc version for console, which I pre-ordered for him and it arrived yesterday.

    It's a shame that those who've bought the digital version have to wait 18 hours into release day, to actually play it. Even those who walk into a store can play before the digital release!! I remember people queueing outside game stores at midnight opening events for Big titles, this all seems a sad step back!!

    I'm sure this is probably out of Kunos's hands, but I would be pissed if I paid for something and had to wait longer than others to have it!
  16. At the top of the page in the XBOX store mine says "You own this game". At the bottom where it shows the release date, it doesn't have a time. Maybe I missed it before, but any way you look at it, it's stupid to have the console say I can't play it, but to check the Microsoft store for the release date (which is apparently not just date, but date and time) when the Microsoft store doesn't actually show it.
  17. Mark Ryan

    Mark Ryan Gamer

    I have to agree, it seems very strange indeed that the people who pre ordered the digital version will be the last to play it, in a general sense. Anyway it is what it is, looking forward to getting stuck in, i have been waiting a long long time for something like this.
    A single series rather than the usual hundreds of cars in other titles.. I look forward to racing fellow Xbox One X guys and getting maybe a group together (non league racing) juts to have a bit of fun racing on a Fri or Sat evening maybe.
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  18. It's certainly great to see a series other than F1, getting the "full works" treatment. :)

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