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2019 Cars and Tracks BOP Discussion

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by redlinemotorsport.co.uk, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Alien

    I agree the difference between 2 lamborghini is small but for me with default setups on both cars the difference is there.(with custom setup though they basically handle same and it is no surprise because they are basically same car with few
    The reason i think evo may not feel competitive is due IMO

    1. Bad default setup

    2.BoP is extremely punishing,in FB post it says that it has highest possible weight on certain tracks

    3.Old lamborghini has slightly less drag

    Weight is much much more crucial than power.
  2. Maciej Malinowski

    Maciej Malinowski Hardcore Simmer

    I feel like Team FFF did amazing job with how they setup their Lambos, 563 always looked super fast and super planted especially on corner entries. And f.e. on exits in Monza when it was wet Denis Lind was just fireing it out of the corners, that car was well prepared throughout the season but other Lambos weren’t as competitive as last year
    I feel like representation of it in a ACC is not bad at all
  3. Tim Meuris

    Tim Meuris Simracer

    As a Hondafan I am dissapointed that the nsx evo isn' t more up to pace with the rest. After lots of tweaking I can make it rather fast but being behind other cars is where it really shows it weak points imo. I am often gaining a lot on the car before me entering the corner just to lose it all again at corner exit... so if you really want to make up places in it without relying on others to make mistakes you should start making divebombsrisks, which always end up in tears... also lot of the tracks are way too narrow for these wide cars.
  4. Cucumber_86

    Cucumber_86 Gamer

    The new BOP boost for the Bentley feels great. :)
    Rough 2km/h faster everywhere on the straights now
    Over a long race, I say it's able to challenge the top tier cars.

    Haven't driven the Mclaren at Silverstone but did notice the BOP adjustment at Nurburgring.
    On-par now for top-end speed with the other cars.

    Apart from the Honda (More down to how it has been converted from the road car to a GT3 race car), the BOP is pretty darn perfect.
  5. GravityMsc

    GravityMsc Rookie

    Does anyone use the 488 standard “aggressive” preset for racing? I think it makes the car too much understeer...
  6. warth0g

    warth0g Hardcore Simmer

    I did mention this in other posts, so apologies for spamming but this seems like the right place to speak up. At Barcelona, racing against the AI, the BMW is severely off the pace when driven by AI drivers. The other AI drivers get stuck behind the BMW every single time and a train develops.
  7. DBurns

    DBurns Rookie

    try increase the rear wing to 18 and TC increase to 5, u will found the true NSX
    this car BoP is bad, but can be sightly "fixed" with the setup above, at least u can step on the gas with more confident
    Tim Meuris likes this.
  8. Tim Meuris

    Tim Meuris Simracer

    I ll give it a go mate! Thnx for the advice.
  9. DBurns

    DBurns Rookie

    is there a chance to enhance NSX?
    sometimes u might over shot ur car a little bit, when im driving R8 and 720s, u can just "hard steer" it, u can feel "ok i have more can steer"
    but this car is a NO, u cant steer more than 90deg, over the limit, understeer or spun out.
    it just cant race, man :(
    it cant be pushed hard :(
  10. I mean BOP should be good at Laguna Seca at least, right? It got Pole Position there last year.
  11. Dafunkdp

    Dafunkdp Gamer

    Actually after the 1.2 update, with the new tyre model/chassis flex/aerodinamic improvements, some cars got even stronger and some worse...
    From personal testing and looking at "major leagues" and MP races out there, seems that almost every car got improved, especially the new Aston and Porsche 2.0..but the Porsche is a bit out of control honestly...
    Audi-lambo improved a lot too...
    Something went wrong for the Ferrari instead, before 1.2 was a lot better, now it's just an Nsx who believed in it a bit more :p maybe something like the new tyre model/chassis flex/aerodinamic interaction got something to go not that good..
    I had the opportunity to talk with some very very well know italian drivers (actually the best of italy) and they told me that from they're testing, atm, porsche 2.0 is about 0.6 to 1 sec faster than the other cars (obviously the most competitive ones), both in qualifying and race...

    @Aristotelis tomorrow evening you'll do a livestream about the 488 at nurb...pls give a shot to the Porsche too to see the difference

    So, since the Porsche 2.0 is a bit more challenging to drive (your opinion) ( actually is just different, not more challenging) it is right that it is that much faster?

    I watched the whole Blancpain last season...and porsche won
    - 24h of Spa (good win for them)
    -Monza because all the guys in front went out

    From the team rankings from blancpain results:
    In the American series, Porsche was over 100 points under the ferrari, finished in 3d place (behind ferrari)

    In the Asian series actually won the manufacturers rankings because the Absolute Racing (Official porsche team) places THREE cars for the season...easy manufacturers points with 3 cars, but they still managed to loose the drivers ranking

    In the European series they don't even participated in the sprint series, and got 3d place in the endurance series only because the 24h os spa got them a ton of points..
    So, honestly, i don't see such a performing car..a good one for sure, but not so good like we have in the simulator right now
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2020
    Maciej Malinowski likes this.
  12. Gopher04

    Gopher04 Simracer

    It still seems the Porsche Evo rules for the AI still, followed by 2 Ferrai's and 1 Merc..
  13. Dafunkdp

    Dafunkdp Gamer

    Also, these are the stats from the Acc Belgium servers... :p the differences in time between the 2 tables are because the servers runs different temps

    Acc Belgium sstats.png
    Chriss likes this.
  14. Chriss

    Chriss Racer

    @Dafunkdp check out these quali times with v1.2 (many very fast guys there): https://www.redlinemotorsport.co.uk...1?result_type=results&session_type=qualifying

    You can also look at other races. So from our experience, yes the Porsche is probably the fastest car right now and the Ferrari got nerved a tiny bit, but honestly the difference between Porsche and Ferrari/others is not 0.6-1 seconds per lap, certainly not. Very different tracks, same results (Paul Ricard, Misano, ...). Eg in the last race 1 Aston followed 1 Porsche for 40 minutes straight losing about one second in total over that 40 minute period. And we are talking about people who practice alot and care about thousands of a second improvements.

    I cannot speak about the AI, but in multiplayer with people knowing their car and setup inside-out, the difference between multiple cars is in the „hundreths to 1-2 tenths“ really :)
  15. Daaang! 1:44,89 in Monza :eek:

    Did Porsche steal VTEC or what?
  16. Dafunkdp

    Dafunkdp Gamer

    That's exactly what i'm talking about Chriss!!! Selva and Muià that are racing in your league are the best italian drivers out there..calling them aliens is still a diminutive, and that's why you see some ferraris on top.
    For example..Muià barely did 54.00 with those temps in the ferrari after 2 weeks preparing the car for paul ricard..after the race he took the Porsche 2.0 with just the aggressive setup..SAME temps/track conditions..he did 53.2 in the first laps on that car ..and he even said that with proper setup he is able to do high 52...and remember that the temps were over 40 degrees! .they even simulated a stint in the porsche with fuel like it was the race..again same temps/conditions..they had 54.0 of pace!!! not just one lap..pace! and here you have your 0.6 to 1 sec faster :p
    I'm not talking about random people there..those are higly experienced skilled simdrivers..if you see them driving is like wathcing a bot :p...
    And again, i'm not saying that other drivers are not good..it is just that some of them are just helped by the status of the car...if in your league Selva and Muià took the Porsche 2.0 now the flame against that car was immense :p Porsche atm is like the BMW before it got fixed :p
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2020
  17. dbr93

    dbr93 Gamer

    In track like Misano/Brands Hatch/Hungaroring Ferrari its better than Porsche ..maybe also at Silverstone too
    Every track it’s different
    Even a Monza Ferrari it’s better than Porsche
  18. dbr93

    dbr93 Gamer

    And don’t forget that Ferrari need 2/3 of Porsche fuel to do a race,and have better management on tires ;)
  19. Dafunkdp

    Dafunkdp Gamer

    Sir, it is evident that you have not tested the car..especially after the 1.2 update eheh..
    After the update the ferrari got way slower, like 0.5 slower lap times in monza..there are straights were you were able to go in 6th gear..now you don't even reach it..

    "In track like Misano/Brands Hatch/Hungaroring Ferrari its better than Porsche ..maybe also at Silverstone too so" again test the cars...not just 3-4 laps..do some stints with lot of fuel load and watch ferrari losing his pace after few laps while porsche can keep the lap times no problem for the whole stint..enjoy watching the Porsche gaining 30-40 meters advantage in exit of the corners on the straight with that immense traction..

    Again, before the update, things were all pretty well balanced...but after the 1.2 not very well...even if you see CP servers (i'm talking about EU times) now you see Porsche 2.0, Astons and Audis...way way less ferraris and even AMGs ( the only place you can see AMG is at Monza...lambos, dafuq si a lambo? :p i'm not even talking about other cars

    LOL were!?? maybe because you are always using the qualifying ecu map even in races dude...seriously....and about the tyres, even aristotelis said that with proper driving you can run the same set for 1hour on these cars. ;)
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2020
  20. steevee

    steevee Racer

    With the first corner run off cut ;)
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