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2old4forza US based social sim racing club

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by capt nasties, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. capt nasties

    capt nasties Racer

    2old4forza has been supporting online racing events since 2005. We are working to expand to support events on Assetto Corsa and ACC in the US time zone. It seems there is a real lack of US based AC racing clubs and we are looking to fill that void.

    We are a large and diverse community, all skill levels are welcome. We offer driving school and are always willing to help new drivers get up to speed. Several of our members have 10+ years of sim racing experience and there are a handful of us with real world race experience as well.

    The focus of our community is fun first and promoting social sim racing. The only rules are 25+ years of age, and have a mic and join chat when racing with the club.

    Here are our forums, we have a specific thread for supported AC mods to help everyone keep up with having the same content

    Discord Channel for AC and ACC

    youtube page

    facebook page (warning 95% insanity and banter here)

    We are working to build a regular group of AC racers to populate our server and discord channel. Come join discord and join us on track. If we get enough regular members we will start up series racing.

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  3. DriverModFTW

    DriverModFTW Hardcore Simmer

    Hello, I have visited the website. Unfortunately the assetto corsa under xbox has not been active for a year now. We have weekly hotlap challenges here for users from all platforms. It would be nice to have more serious, clean racers, for xbox. I found a new instagram called crl.assettocorsa where there are some new leagues forming very soon.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2019

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