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6 week GT4 league starting July 25th - RWB International

Discussion in 'ACC Online Leagues / Championships room' started by FlakNine, Jul 13, 2020.

  1. FlakNine

    FlakNine Gamer

    We'll be hitting the track for our next ACC league on Saturday July 25th. If that wasn't exciting enough, we'll be in new territory as we get behind the wheel of the brand new GT4 class cars! This means a little less aero, a little less power, but a whole lot of close door-to-door racing!

    Our last ACC leagues have been hugely popular and filled up near instantly, so we are expanding our capacity this time, by running multiple tiers of the same league. You'll be grouped with drivers of a similar pace, so you should experience more close racing action and fewer blue flags, whatever your skill level.

    The number of tiers will be decided based on the number of sign-ups we get, but we hope to be able to accommodate a large number of racers! We'll be running a dedicated hotstint server to sort you into groups before the league itself starts, more will be announced on this in our Discord nearer the time the GT4 DLC is released.
    • Registration details are available in our Discord in the #league-info channel. Join our Discord here and make sure you include ACC in the #select-your-games channel.
    • Solo drivers only
    • Assetto Corsa Competizione PC version only

    RWB International links
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  3. FlakNine

    FlakNine Gamer

    Great to see we've had lots of interest in our GT4 League - which is understandable given how much FUN these cars are to drive!

    We are going to tier our leagues so we can accommodate the insatiable appetite for GT4 racing! Tiers are groups of drivers that are broadly similar in pace, and we'll run parallel leagues for each tier. This means everyone can expect closer racing and fewer blue flags. Here are a few FAQs on that topic.

    How will RWB decide who goes in which tier?
    We record your best hotstint around Zolder on our server RWBRacing.club GT4 League Tiering Server 1. You can have multiple attempts in multiple GT4 cars, up until tiering closes on July 22nd at 9.30pm BST.

    What is a hotstint?
    Five consecutive valid laps.

    How can I see my position on the leaderboard?
    Visit our custom-built ACC Stint Tracker at: https://www.rwbracing.club/gt4_league_hotstint_tracker.html

    How large will each tier be and how many tiers will there be?
    This will be decided close to the date the league starts, depending on the number of signups.

    Is it possible to be promoted or demoted to another tier?
    In general, once the league starts you can expect to stay in your assigned tier. At the discretion of the RWB Admins we may move you to another tier if there is a large mismatch in pace between you and the other drivers in your tier.

    Does tiering affect my grid position in the league races?
    No, a qualifying session will be run on race nights. Tiering is only used to group you into the appropriate league.

    Must I do my hotstint in the same car as the one I’ll use in the league?
    No you can use any GT4 cars for tiering; however putting in laps on the tiering server is a good way to get familiar with your league car!

    Is it mandatory to set a hotstint to race in the league?
    In general yes. If exceptional circumstances prevent you from doing this before the deadline we'll try to fit you in if you are a known driver who's raced with us before, and we have an idea of your pace.

    Is the weather fixed in the tiering server?

    Remind me how I sign up to this awesomeness?
    Head over to our Discord here and make sure you include ACC in the #select-your-games channel. You'll then get access to the #league-info channel.

    BILL JONES Gamer

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