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65min. special event pitline speed question

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by p.g.49, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. p.g.49

    p.g.49 Gamer

    I was just thinking,when you go to the pit, do you drive fast as you can or 50km/h pitlimiter speed?

    I drive once 65min.event,and i drive 50km/h.Time can of course be improved easily by driving"as fast as you can"

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  3. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Alien

    I haven't done that one yet, but I think you don't have to pit. Did you put 120 liters in your car from the start?
    In case 120 liters is not enough for the full 65 minutes, I think it would be more efficient to save fuel instead of pitting.
  4. p.g.49

    p.g.49 Gamer

    I put 120 liters but when i start session there was only 60 liters...
  5. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Alien

    There's actually 120 liters in it :p It says -60 liters, but there's 120 in. It goes from -60 to 0 to 60... I'm not sure why it's like this, but it's the same in the M6.
    Zoom in on your display so you can see it a bit better, but on the right side of the display there's a fuel bar which shows how much fuel there's left aswell.
  6. p.g.49

    p.g.49 Gamer

    Ou ..:D thanks, I did not think about that..
    Oblit0r likes this.
  7. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    That's helpful well your tip not the way its implemented lol, I just did this special event starting with a full tank and had no idea how much fuel I had left at any point or even what engine map setting I was using. Havent driven the Bentley much as I didn't run it much in build 2 only got back into ACC with latest update and the dash didn't tell me much. Mostly for the MP but as I have only seen a couple servers under 300 ping in the list. This was one I put up but now even if I put one up I cant find it :oops: so Ive just been running the special events instead, hoping to get into mp when I don't have to join servers on the other side of the world.

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