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A quick blast on AC reminded me how good ACC is

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by ears, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. ears

    ears Hardcore Simmer

    So I decided to have a go on AC last night. Maybe for the first time in a year.

    Ended up on a GT2 server at Imola, driving a BMW.

    Two BIG things that it's easy to take for granted in ACC stood out for me.

    Firstly, FFB. Felt so light compared to ACC. ACC tells me, through the wheel, in no uncertain terms, that I'm driving a heavy car.

    Secondly, and more importantly, was simply sense of acceleration.

    In VR, at least, it looked like the car wasn't getting faster as I accelerated. I got very little sense of speed.

    I've read a bit of negativity of late but a short spell on another game highlighted for me that ACC has huge potential and is a significant step forward in the driving experience.

    After 1 race I went straight back to ACC and found myself appreciating it and enjoying it much more than I have of late.
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  2. chakko

    chakko Alien

    I'm pretty sure it'd be exactly the same for me... at least for the GT3 cars.

    Kunos seems to be the only developer which gets the sense of driving a car with wheels on a track right anyway. Other sims feel as if you'd be hovering on mud, or something. Richard Burns Rally gets that right as well. But... sims like iR, rFactor, and the likes never got me the sense of driving on actual tyres, really. There's something missing, or not coherent.
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  3. jaxx_za

    jaxx_za Hardcore Simmer

    Same here - ACC has ruined the AC experience for me (in a good way ;)).

    But in reality we are looking at two titles from different generations - ACC truly is a next generation title, which is why in my eyes even in its incomplete form, stands out from the rest.

    I bought RF2 in the Steam summer sale, so finally got to experience the FFB. While I will admit it is pretty good, I'm not sure it is more realistic than ACC. At times it felt a bit canned - like too much information is being provided through the FFB. Felt the same about Raceroom as well (though even more extreme).
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2019
  4. ears

    ears Hardcore Simmer

    I never got along with iRacing but there are a good few cars in rF2 that really give me feedback I can believe and understand.

    Usually open wheelers though. I've never got the same feeling driving anything with a lid on in rF2.
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  5. Lima

    Lima Gamer

    I can comment on that also, i was never a big fan of ac, don´t know why even if everybody was saying that the ffb was amazing, for me i liked it but not that much, i have almost every sim from gtr2 to pc, dirt rally and the others we all know but after experiencing the world of acc i could not play any other thing, its like going back on time even when some things don´t work in the optimal situation, i just feel driving a car in acc and that for me is almost everything i search when i have the time to simrace. The ffb/physics are amazing, the graphics and the sounds.
  6. R1-Limited

    R1-Limited Racer

    I did the same thing just the other night. I had a blast as AC and ACC are night and day. Right out of the gate I was like HOLY MOLY POLY the force feed back was like wrestling a caddy in the mud with flats. I think I gained like 2 inch's in my fore arms and 3 inchese in my chest as a work out.
  7. chakko

    chakko Alien

    One issue i also had with AC's tyre model is that i couldn't get most cars to have oversteer, when you enter a corner too quickly. The ACC tyre model (or physics... can't tell the difference) definitely "allow" that now. Go into turn 2/3/4 on Silverstone too fast, and, it sends you into a drift. I'm able to catch most of those (which is very rewarding), but, just like in real life, when you exaggerate it, there's no catching anymore. To me, it's near perfection. iR and rF 2 are too "loose" for me. Could well be the FFB as well. ACC's FFB communicates the state the car is in directly, and properly. iR doesn't do that at all (seriously, worst FFB in a sim), and, rF 2 only for some cars.

    In ACC (and also in AC), i can work the cars... correct oversteer, and, it hanldes just like i'd expect it in real life. Just watch a couple of vids from iRacing, if you don't know it, and look at that sterile "just don't touch the limit!" driving. Totally unrealistic, sorry. Motorsport is all about limit and corrections. iR has none of that. It teaches you to stay the hell away from the limit, instead of screaming at you "Drive me on the limit!!" like AC and ACC do.

    Feel free to quote me for your advertising brochure, good peeps from Kunos. :D
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  8. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Simracer

    +1 everything you said PLUS
    AC1 actually feels like simcade(not actually) now compared to ACC.
    especially physics,FFB,Sounds & Graphics are on whole new level in ACC not to mention numerous other improvements.
  9. deadmeat2k

    deadmeat2k Racer

    I never got around to play AC for no particular reason, but spent countless hours with Project Cars 2. I thought always the FFB in that game to be impressive and realistic. Well, Kunos ruined that for me. Returning to PC2 now a days is always a disappointment.

    I even yesterday found a new custom FFB setup file which claims to fix some of the fundamentally missing forces acting on the tires. Still, PC2 FFB feels undefined and floaty as hell, compared to AAC. as others state here, Kunos has truely captured the feel of weight and friction with their physics and FFB modelling.
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  10. F4celess

    F4celess Gamer

    I did a league race yesterday, Silverstone, rain, slid all the time, had damage, got maybe 4th place out of 8 only because others had it worse. Rarely do I have this much fun. All in VR even, I can't see any way ACC could find more optimizations without downgrading the visuals as far as I can tell.
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  11. isma_c_r

    isma_c_r Gamer

    Couldn't agree more. ACC is the real enemy of AC1, not the rest of the competitors.

    I keep enjoying classics and road legal cars in AC1 so much, but I can't drive a GT car because in comparison with ACC... it feels almost like a game, not a simulator
  12. There are many times over people playing ac, verses acc at the moment. I like acc fine and play the game a lot, I am even a bit faster comparing the same cars/tracks. With that said, I dont think acc will ever, draw the people/players that ac did/does. Until something comes along to match ac for content/game play/enjoyment, its the end all for many people.
  13. chakko

    chakko Alien

    It will already draw fewer people because it is a sim which simulates a single race series, with a single car class.
  14. tpw

    tpw Gamer

    Of all the accusations you can rightfully level at rF2, having canned FFB is not one of them, seriously. But, as much as I love the driving experience in rF2, coming back to it really does feel like a giant step backwards in terms of audiovisual immersion after I've been playing ACC for a while. And actually on topic, AC is a game I just could never gel with, but I find ACC very addictive, regardless of its lack of optimisation and feature incompleteness.
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  15. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Simracer

    True but if you try to add everything like AC1 did the quality is compromised and since ACC is so focused the difference in quality in every aspect of a simulator is night and day.
  16. This guy makes some good points, as to why acc has not taken off as many including me hoped it would.

  17. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    And except from the clickbait title for a video of a great selling game, that keeps hits going on his YT channel, on a forum that is busting with life, what is the meaning of posting this video in this specific thread? Have you read the thread? Why put this discussion into some different rail?

    Sometimes I fail to understand... if this is something I don't get, please excuse me.
  18. jaxx_za

    jaxx_za Hardcore Simmer

    Perhaps canned was the wrong choice of word, but I feel the FFB to be over emphasized - to contain too much information, and as a result doesn't feel natural to me. This is of course coming from someone who has never driven a race car. and is making judgement based road car experience.
  19. It was not meant to offend you or anyone else, your welcome to delete the post. Like many people we watch the numbers fall each day/week and are concerned is all.
  20. romandevision

    romandevision Simracer

    Can I see the statistics of the fall? :)

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