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READ HERE About 1.0 multiplayer structure

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Minolin, May 8, 2019.

  1. Kroegtijger

    Kroegtijger Racer

    Puta madre! I don't speak Spanish.

    Anybody can translate?
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  2. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    Agreed. I think the people complaining is the bast mayority and of course I share that opinion. But, as a result of Kunos responding to that criticism, I would not like that the people that really like the system gets screwed.

    The more I think about it, the more I realise how clever Polyphony was regarding the online part of the game. GT Sport actually has two different online systems or game modes: one similar to PCars2 and ACC and another similar (saving the distances) to Iracing and SRS. Im not saying Kunos should do the same thing as the arguably most powerful racing game developer in the planet. But Im sure there are ways of solving this.
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  3. TheBoss

    TheBoss Hardcore Simmer

    today the illusions of thousands of people have died, this is going to be an economic disaster for kunos. Personally for me this title no longer has any interest, I expected an improved SRS, I guess we all expected that, honestly I'm not attracted by a game with only one category of cars and that online fun lies in getting a lap without incident.
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  4. Ischemica

    Ischemica Hardcore Simmer

  5. dave81983

    dave81983 Racer

    I'm not trying to speak for everyone in the community. But... It's pretty clear from all of this thread as well as other forums (Reddit, YouTube) that the general consensus is that there is disappointment and that many of the current and future player base wants scheduled races. Kunos should listen to this seriously.
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  6. lordpatou

    lordpatou Simracer

    Read the topic about multiplayer should be enough.
  7. vortex19

    vortex19 Simracer

    I had no intention of doing so. I just said that I was happy to see how things progressed. I'm not for a minute trying to be the spokesperson for everyone else as some here seem to be doing. I get that some people are not happy with the way multiplayer may be going but there seem to be plenty who are. Kunos never promised anything specific so can't be accused of going in a different direction. Some people made an incorrect assumption and are blaming the developers because they got it wrong.
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  8. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    hmmmm, maybe start here and see where you end up pal :D:p:cool:

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  9. Kalamede

    Kalamede Racer

    In fact people are realising they won't get the matchmaking they thought it was promised, that's why all those negative posts, videos, etc etc..
    Many people should have bought the game when it was cheap, like I did, played 80 hours in the past two months, and 20 hrs in the first 5 months, because if you think in a realistic way, you will not expect an iracing for 45€
    Indeed it is a bad notice, 'matchmaking, enhanced multiplayer, multiplayer finetuning' are big words for many people.

    The game is great for 24,99
    I think many people, also many of who are complaining, would have bought the game if they knew it will be this way, and also pay for future DLC's
    I only hope that Kunos does not throw us 'away' as community after those months and those complainings :eek:
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  10. MakeMeLaugh

    MakeMeLaugh Simracer


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  11. doamf

    doamf Racer

    First off: thanks for the "in sight", it was however meant to point out that your post stands out immediately due to its picture together with your HUGE caption, which reads: Huge disappointment....now could that be associated with a reaction to the original post, in context? I am sure that was non-intentional if I understand "your position";)

    With all respect: all these people whinging includes yourself I presume? Most posts are just a reaction to the original post and the impact it has.
  12. mkotechno

    mkotechno Simracer

    Fact: Server filtering is not matchmaking.
    Fact: Kunos marketing promised "advanced matchmaking"
    Derivative fact: Kunos lied and profited economically from it.

    And actually is very dishonest that they hide this point all this time, knowing that with such statement plus the game title "Competizione" people was expecting organized online ala iRacing / Gran Turismo

    Very dishonest.
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  13. sirgaric

    sirgaric Hardcore Simmer

    Trashtalking and naysaying is a national sport here in Spain. Let them bark.

    Enviado desde mi ONEPLUS A5010 mediante Tapatalk
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  14. sr bubbles

    sr bubbles Gamer

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  15. Kalamede

    Kalamede Racer


    I'm sorry but I had to do it lol
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  16. I've tried to refrain from posting, as I'm sure reading the negative feedback on this topic is hurting the Kunos employees enough already, but I can't help myself. I'm sorry.

    I've feared this news for a while and I didn't realise how big a deal I would find it, until it was actually confirmed.

    I appreciate the word "matchmaking" is ambiguous, but I can't help feel Kunos slightly misled us. "Filters", like many have already stated, would have been a much more transparent and truthful word to use when describing how multiplayer would work. Nevermind. I'm sure Kunos have learned their lesson now and in future will try to be clearer with the words they choose.


    Anyway, back on topic. I love this game. The cars sound amazing, the graphics are incredible and I love driving on ACC. The immersion is phenomenal. But I can't help but fear I'm going to get bored of this sim pretty quickly.

    ACC will also be worth every single penny, given how cheap a one-off purchase it was. But I just fear that come the end of 2019, I just won't be playing it anymore (barring any DLC). There will be little incentive.

    I subscribed to iRacing in February and it is now my go-to sim. Now that I've been exposed to how excellent a matchmaking and scheduled race system works, I can't help but feel this is the future for sim racing software. I absolutely love the way iRacing works. Yes, it's expensive, but it's worth every penny to me. Competing in the 12 hours of Sebring and the 6 hour races at Monza, Spa, Suzuka etc in the Endurance Series has been amazing. Driver swapping with mates etc. It's just amazing fun.

    I don't like giving Kunos a hard time, because I can only imagine the amount of hard work they've put into ACC, but I just feel disappointed with this news. In my mind, I was hoping to drive the real Blancpain series in official scheduled races, like I get to in iRacing at the 12 hours of Sebring etc - getting to driver swap with your pals and take on similarly skilled competitors.

    I understand, I could join a league if I wanted to. But leagues can only be popular to a certain extent. I'm sure there were thousands of drivers signed up to the 12 Hours of Sebring on iRacing - you just wouldn't get that in a league. And the more drivers that sign up, the better matched you get with similar ability drivers. That's why an official, scheduled race multiplayer system seems so important to me. I'm sure leagues like AOR will be able to get 50+ drivers to sign up, but you have to go through testing, evaluation races etc etc. Whereas if it was officially done on ACC, the rating system could work out where to put you, with little effort. You literally sign up and five minutes later, you're racing.

    I want to love ACC. It's such a great base simulator. But I just fear for the worst. There's been some overeaction and harsh words said in this topic, but at the same time, plenty of valid points amongst the (slightly weird) fury.

    Having said all that, I will remain as open minded as possible and give ACC every opportunity to convince me otherwise. Good luck Kunos - I hope you take our comments on board and try to do everything you can to make positive changes in the future, if you have the budget to do so.

    I know you don't have the resources of Polyphony and iRacing, but I hope this topic shows you just how important multiplayer is in today's world.

    Keep smiling though - you've created an amazing sim. I just hope it all works out financially for you :)
    Last edited: May 10, 2019
  17. Oberonone

    Oberonone Gamer

    Did you seriously just write "a fee is not required" and then go on to describe a model that people pay for?

    Honestly, the lack of economical sense in this thread/forum is quite astonishing. We can only hope for a swift end...
  18. fabT

    fabT Alien

    Ok, all i have to say is:

    this is getting out of hand.
    Stop. Think.
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  19. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    If your trying to bait me then move on pal... You clearly do not understand me. It was intentional because when people use sensationalized words like HUGE in caps about topics that are not really huge in my opinion, then I posted what I did to highlight an event that actually was huge. Words like Love, Hate, Amazing, Huge are all over used these days to the point that there true meaning and feeling is kind of lost.

    I am afraid you presume wrong again... No whinging from me on this thread. I am here to tell the rude mud slingers & whingers to get on their bikes as everything that has needed to be said has been said 100 times over ;) Like I said before, I paid $10'er and have had 140+ hours of pleasurable fun.
    Last edited: May 10, 2019
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  20. tw1st

    tw1st Racer

    Have to quote one guy from the steam ACC disscussion sector:

    "Disappointed but not surprised. : - )"
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