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READ HERE About 1.0 multiplayer structure

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Minolin, May 8, 2019.

  1. mkotechno

    mkotechno Simracer

    You also have to pay a monthly subscription to a internet provider to have internet access in your home and play AC online, yet you wouldn't say AC needs a subscription, because that would be nonsensic, as saying so for GTS and PS+.
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  2. Luis Branco

    Luis Branco Alien

    Well, you're point was about the number of tracks and single class car would limit the number of players. I showed you one example where that isn't an issue and, so, the argument you raised , by it self, doesn't determine the number of players, as the example I raised made clear.

    Now you're raising other points, different from the first, and is about the number of player in sims vs sim-cade, as you put it, and the number of players on an F1 game vs a GT3 sim. It's an entirely different arguments and doesn't have any thing to do with number of tracks or car classes.
    But, if you don't like my first example, because F1 is much more popular than GT3 and F1 2018 a sim-cade, I'll give you another that you may find more to your liking (or not): Euro Truck Simulator 2; the player numbers are around 10 times more than F1 2018 or AC
    The point is: it's not a single aspect of a game, being the number of tracks, or lack of it, or the number of car classes that, isolated, will attract more or less players. It's a package, that include many thing that all together, as a whole, can make it appealing to more players.

    ACC has much more to offer than only 10 tracks and one car class, so what is to be seen is if the package is strong enough to attract a high number of players.
    Now, considering it was asked for day/night cycle, weather changes, driver swaps, complete racing season, series rules, and so forth, and that and more is going to be delivered, probably the number of cars and tracks is not the single point to focus on to tell if ACC will have more or less players than AC.
  3. Don't you need both an internet connection and a PS+sub for MP in GTS?

    Anyways, sounds to me like GTS has what you want and Kunos doesn't. Seems pretty cut and dried as to what you should do in order to gain satisfaction.
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  4. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    I don't pay for the internet... Is that the best argument you have?
  5. doamf

    doamf Racer

    Its the consistency....striking
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  6. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    :D good one :D I bet you were itching and so exciting for that. I am glad I made your day :) If people are going to talk nonstop nonsense then i will too :p this thread has been done to death...

    awwww off ya go mate... whinge, whinge, whinge

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  7. mkotechno

    mkotechno Simracer

    I don't pay for PS+ because I get free PS+ gift cards.

    So what?

    GTS is a no subscription racing game with organized multiplayer. Same for SRS.

    Hence the argument "oRgAniZeD mULtiPLayEr rEqUiRes sUBscRiPtiOn" argument is proven wrong.

    Please move already to the next argument you have to defend the company that just objectively lied to all of us promising "matchmaking" as main feature of a game around competition, but delivered a game with no matchmaking.
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  8. Pablo leal

    Pablo leal Rookie

    Competizione? Really? Only single player could be
  9. mkotechno

    mkotechno Simracer

  10. ReVibe

    ReVibe Rookie

    I only wanted this...

    "With both the Blancpain GT Series Sprint Cup and Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup now sharing the same driver categories and points system, the ten-round Blancpain GT Series season – comprising five sprint events and five endurance events – crowns the world’s most complete GT drivers."
  11. kevin.maatman

    kevin.maatman Staff Member KS Dev Team

    I've had to intervene in this thread once again. Stay on topic.
  12. kiril_r

    kiril_r Racer

    Couldn't agree more with you, dude... Sad...
  13. sirgaric

    sirgaric Hardcore Simmer

    Disregard, someone else already answered :)
  14. mkotechno

    mkotechno Simracer

    No, I don't want to keep arguing about a straw man fallacy which was just used to avoid talking about the real topic of this thread: Kunos underdelivering on a promise that they made, and already got the money for.
  15. Kalamede

    Kalamede Racer

    People is getting too stressed here
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  16. mkotechno

    mkotechno Simracer

    People usually gets angry when paying for something but not getting it.

    Even tho, for me personally, is more about honesty than about these 25€; and also about disappointment that we still won't have a good, modern, reasonably priced, racing game.

    Kunos, you were supposed to kill iRacing, not to make Pcars2 but with 10 cars.

    You could think I find joy in this cluster****, but I'm sad, very sad.
  17. Arpadian

    Arpadian Racer

    Dunno the rest but i'm happy with ACC and i'm happy of what is gonna become MP in ACC when the game hits 1.0
    TBH i don't care about MM, I just want to enjoy The fantastic sound and physics
    Also i always looked for something similar to the SA and servers who ask certain SA requirements and ACC is giving me what i want

    I will keep playing ACC (Since the EA 0.1 i couldn't get back to AC anymore )Is not much but already clocked 268 hours in acc and it will keep growing
    For me ACC have what i was looking for and i will be happy with whatever kunos trows in the future ( of course i wont be happy if they choose a monthly fee subscription like iWallet**cof**cof*iRacing )

    So looking forward to 1.0
  18. Where in the world did Kunos 'promise' that?
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  19. mkotechno

    mkotechno Simracer

    I think you read "supposed" as "promised" in that sentence.

    I know, reading is hard.

    But seriously, don't put words in quotes which other people didn't say to make your point. Is a losing debate strategy.
    Last edited: May 11, 2019
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  20. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    Let's remember:
    • Ranking system for both skill and safety similar to iRacing (he mentions the latest GranTurismo's one).
    • Complete rating and matchmaking system.
    A well-structured ranking system will evaluate individual performance and driving behaviour to reward the most virtuous drivers and promote fair play in online competitions. The matchmaking function makes sure that you can compete with opponents of similar skill level and easily find online races to join, while the leaderboards will allow you to compare single-lap performance with virtual pilots from around the world with the same car, circuit and weather conditions.
    • On the interview with Race-Department they even talked about if they were going to keep the open servers :confused:
    • Another mention to matchmaking:
    • "Online connected Special Events allowing E-Sports competitions" "Online system with Rating and Match-Making"
    • The vision:
      On the long run, ACC will have quite a number of ratings and subratings. Some of them are focusing on your personal driving behavior, with the goal to be a good friend and help to improve. Some are purely competitive, and will connect you to other drivers. Then we have the multiplayer-related ratings, used to keep things clean and improve the multiplayer experience.
    So it's clear they promised "Matchmaking". Let's see what matchmaking means:
    • Online multiplayer gaming sessions can be arranged in several ways. The traditional approaches are gathering a group of friends into a lobby or server to play, or browsing a server list and joining a game in progress. Matchmaking is a third option, which gives players the ability to get into a game with less effort. Individuals or teams search for a game, and are matched by the system with other similar players. Once an appropriate number of players is found, the match is made and the game can begin.
    • "Wouldn't call it matchmaking"

    Conclussion: they promised matchmaking and we are not getting matchmaking. As a result of that promise many bought the game, and as a result of not fulfilling that promise many people are not happy and others even want a refund.

    Aditional conclussion: they already did this on consoles with AC1 ("console version same as PC"). What reputation gives you making the same mistake twice?
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