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READ HERE About 1.0 multiplayer structure

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Minolin, May 8, 2019.

  1. XettMan

    XettMan Hardcore Simmer

    When MrGit or MajorTom is not available DrivingItalia it is.
    But don't worry, after 2 races SA already dropped deep down again.:rolleyes:
  2. PLebre

    PLebre Hardcore Simmer

    Just imagine they will bring the GT4 for christmas time. Its all around the corner, they just have to add the cars, maybe some rules too.
    Adastros likes this.
  3. YobSoddoth

    YobSoddoth Rookie

    And a Christmas parade around the Nordscheiffe :)
  4. Son

    Son Hardcore Simmer

    The UI for sure is not a step back. I thought the old UI was dreadful, and was one of the reasons I actually stayed away from the original AC. It was a pain to use with my wheel, and didn't work in VR. Just because they've made the new UI clean and nicer to look at, as well as easy to use for those who use a wheel D-pad, like myself, doesn't mean they are going to straight away port it to console. A nice modern and sleek UI does not mean console port.
    grrdabrr likes this.
  5. ears

    ears Hardcore Simmer

    I'm working on a website that will, hopefully if at some point ACC has a good server API, fill some of this gap.

    Probably daily events, with multiple servers and players split by ability / average lap times / SR.

    If it proves popular there'll be 'major' events that will be sign up only through the website.

    The website has Steam federated login so if the server API supports SteamIDs for players, much of this will be fully automated.

    Beginnings of the website here http://www.flying-bollards.com/

    You can even test the Steam login!

    Championships, events are nearly done in dev. Has the facility to assign roles to particular users, giving them access to championship, event admin.

    Like I said, dependent on a server API, but I'm optimistic.
  6. mikendrix

    mikendrix Simracer

    I am disconnected from the servers tonight.
    I didn't see any info on the sticky thread about server status.
    Is it me only or what ? o_O
  7. Rioku

    Rioku Racer

    Will 1.0 launch reset all values?

    I hope so
  8. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    mh no, cannot reach any of our servers atm. Will look into that
    mikendrix likes this.
  9. Same here. Showing disconnected still.
  10. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    When are they not available? Are they taken down, too full or just sitting empty waiting for the first guy to join?
  11. bgil66

    bgil66 Alien

    Yes, Luca started a thread about it that will have 1200 replies soon too:p
  12. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    I dont think it really matters if someone shows they can race in MP or against AI. Minolin may tweak this if needed but if someone can race AI clean and get to 80+ SA and then joins and 80+SA server I suspect they will be able to do the same.

    Someone choosing to run open unrestricted servers may have more contacts but its their choice. You can still avoid most contacts amongst poorer drivers, just for me I would rather avoid these servers if there are better options available.

    MP racing amongst good clean racers is considerably better then AI, but choosing to race mp with considerably worse standards then AI seems a waste of time to me.

    This already works by using higher SA restricted servers. No reason to give people with higher SA any preferential treatment in open or low restriction servers IMHO. No need to give them more incentives to use these servers, better to give an incentive to those with lower ratings to aim for restricted servers and higher rated guys to also aim for these.

    I dont agree with this either, as if to give someone a free pass once they reach some level. Meaning someone can rate up then join cleaner servers and race dirty. To stay there they need to keep trying to race clean.

    If someone has trouble keeping a rating in open servers maybe best to use their rating to get better racing in cleaner servers. Thats kind of one of the main reasons to have the SA and server restrictions not just to give you a higher nunber to look at. ;)
  13. tjr

    tjr Hardcore Simmer

    I see these servers are frequently full, or sometimes mid-race when you want to join which I won't gate-crash.
  14. it's ok, but sa works. you will never meet a rammer in 80 SA servers, even more if SA reachable in SP has a cap.
    sayd that, I don't want to be obsessed by the possibility that someone touches me, I want to be trustful. so after 80,it would be appreciated if SA won't fall down under 75 all in once, which my point.
    once you gain more than 30 point than what you have achieved in sp, you have already demonstrated you are safe.
    that's why I would never like to see 90+ servers. I don't know if I will ever reach 90. that's because it doesn't depend on you exclusively.
  15. I know kunos does not want the people to say there is no rating(because it took a while to have 60+ servers).
    But sincerely, they had to tell there was no reset before and I would have never gone to public servers.
    moreover there is people that, in theory, should have had a lower SA following the will of kunos.

    if they want to maintain a distinction, they can lower the value of 60+ drivers down to 60, 40+ drivers down to 40 and the rest to 0
  16. so that we have distinction, but you repair the damage.
  17. ears

    ears Hardcore Simmer

    Maybe stop storing them om high shelves and put them om the floor.

    Or buy a stool.

  18. eracerhead

    eracerhead Hardcore Simmer

    I generally agree, but the only problem is that AI will give room based on their own innate logic, whereas a human driver may not. For instance, AI seem to have a much better sense of where you are and when to concede a corner. And therefore, the more you run with AI, the less likely you’ll be prepared when someone decides to firmly close the door on you.
    Shooter80 and mikendrix like this.
  19. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    If someone firmly closing the door is not giving racing room or driving you off the track contact will happen. Its not really your fault but theirs at that point I think if your alongside and they dont give you any room. ;)

    The good thing is people that do this regularly will have more contact and so a poor rating, they may be fairly quick but sticking to high SA restriction servers you likely will avoid those people. They may need to be the ones grinding against AI then kill their rating in MP. At some point they will learn to leave racing room for others. :rolleyes:
  20. Freddie Seng

    Freddie Seng Hardcore Simmer

    Just chiming in. I have 80 SA and I've had like... 4 online races. What does that mean
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