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About IntGT DLC & Release 1.3

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Rmagid1010, Jan 1, 2020.

  1. Gerhard

    Gerhard Gamer

    Is it just me or is it real easy to be way quicker than the suzuka real record? What times do
    You guys get around there? I dont see myself as anywhere near aliens but in 20 min hotstint i can do 2.01 alll day. Hotlap about 1.2 secs quicker

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  2. Plastic_Manc

    Plastic_Manc Hardcore Simmer

    I'd love to do 2.01's. Started out at 2.06 and have worked my way down to 2.02.9 at best.
  3. Nebulozny

    Nebulozny Gamer

    I've been to the Bathurst race this year and they had few simulators to play with, don't know the brand but it had Supercars sim with full force feedback and chair bumping and moving around. It was really tough to drive, got caught by so many bumps as I am used to have feedback only on the wheel, can only imagine how it is driving the real thing on these country roads.
  4. Ecnelis

    Ecnelis Hardcore Simmer

  5. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    So it's not "overall" faster, gotcha. Could've stated that above from the start.
  6. Mach77

    Mach77 Racer

    yes, you just read what you want. I did stated that the IGTC tracks are faster. you just don't want to admit it. fair enough
  7. Gerhard

    Gerhard Gamer

    Agree the grip or something has to be off on these tracks. I did a 1.59.8 on suzuka with the Int GT AMG just loading my 2018 AMG setup for barcelona and going for it. Ive never been that much faster than real Records. Usually I can match or be a bit faster but this much...

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  8. Tim Wilson

    Tim Wilson Simracer

    You all will invariably convince the devs to make Suzuka true to life and, per what the pros say, it will eat your tires in two laps and degrade till it feels like that good old sim-ice driving, and everyone will cry "too slippy!" I'm for having it as true as possible, but not if it's no fun to the point that the track is abandoned by the base. I'm sure we all agree that, track grip accuracy not withstanding, all the new tracks are pretty d fun to race on.
    I't's got to be tricky to balance programming the track grip and BOP for each car and track, and those settings are probably weighed against play-ability. Consider the BOP system it's self- Teams get the instructions from the judges and then go through a lobbying campaign for each race trying to get a more favorable set. The judges can change any individual teams BOP randomly at any time during the season without explaining a change to the other teams or the public. Basically- It's Pro Wrestling on wheels and rigged by nature. In a way the devs have always been in the BOP business. Consider also the fact that in real life there is usually one or more teams with cars that, for various reasons, are way down on pace to the rest of the field. Kunos don't program those cars into the game- and for good reason. And imagine if they programmed it so the fastest alien could just mach the real times. Where would everyone else be? I really don't care if they make adjustments or not. I wouldn't ever think to compare my times to real ones- I'm not racing against real ones!
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  9. Tim Wilson

    Tim Wilson Simracer

    Much confusion there! Doesn't penultimate mean next to last? And did he say stay left for spoon?
  10. GCCRacer

    GCCRacer Racer

    Regarding grip on the new tracks... I personally find it hard to believe these wouldn't just be standard values, set in an editor the same as any other track.

    However, easy way to test: Use Motec and check your average lateral G-Loads on the new tracks versus some similar turns on older tracks.
  11. Is it possible to set up custom race with ai including qualification (qualification - >race)?
  12. trutya

    trutya Simracer

    hi guys, i have one question.
    what if there is a server with a non-igtc track, where you can select all the liveries, including igtc cars too.
    if someone doesn't have the DLC, can he join the server? will he see the igtc liveries too which he doesn't have, like in Raceroom?

    we are not sure about how it works.
    thanks in advance!
  13. GCCRacer

    GCCRacer Racer

    That can be done via "Custom Race Weekend" and then disable the Practice Sessions.
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  14. Pier84

    Pier84 Racer

    Part of changelog (MP) 1.3.3:

    - Various improvements for driver swaps and spectator mode:
    - Stint and driving time rules now work reliably in swap situations.
    - Mandatory pit stop rules now work reliably in swap situations.
    - Penalties now transfer correctly across clients in swap situations.
    - Prevented server misconfiguration that led to join order relevance.
    - Missing mandatory state update after swaps corrected.
    - Tyre compound, pressure and brake strategies transfer reliably in swap situations.
    - Fixed a bug that prevented the player from adjusted pressures when selecting wet tyres in the MFD on track.
    - Pit crew visibility fixed for spectating client.
    - Fixed swap widget disappearing for some players in multi-car sessions.

    In practice, they solved a dozen bugs that I had reported over time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2020
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  15. Gerhard

    Gerhard Gamer

    I didnt say they have to change it or even suggested it. I just mentioned what I experienced and found it odd that there is such a difference. Jesus I swear, these days one can not say anything without having someone go on an absolute rant about.

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  16. Mach77

    Mach77 Racer

    did the NSX Evo recieved a very slight buff in pace on Blancpain BoP or is it just a placebo? looks like I can match my fastest laps without pushing that much now. I reckon that it had engine power adjustment, but it seems like 0.3s faster. can anyone confirm?
  17. trutya

    trutya Simracer

    - Fixed AI tyre wear in saved games.
    - Fixed a bug related to track surfaces when loading a saved game resulting in pitstop and stint timer issues.

    does this solve the ramming AI problem at Bathurst? can it be related to these issues?
  18. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Alien

    He's talking about the 5 S-turns. You stay to the right after the 4th turn, which is the penultimate turn of the 5 turns.
    You stay to the left before you enter the braking zone for Spoon, so you can stick to the right side of the road when in the braking zone. He's talking about staying on the left on this part of the track:
  19. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Alien

    Oooooh, this sounds interesting. I figured they adjusted the engine for the IGTC content as it was too fast there. Since I drive it in a league with Blancpain tracks, this would be very welcome :)) Will try it out.
  20. Flens

    Flens Rookie

    Would be nice when it would be possible to share the setups with other drivers in the lobby (like pCARS2) in MP.
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