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AC and ACC

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by Athletic-Anchovy, Apr 27, 2020.

  1. I'm just about to get into sim car racing.

    What are the main differences between AC and ACC?

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  3. Miggsie

    Miggsie Rookie

    Well, ACC is a one series game, the Blancpain GT3 series, and only features the cars and tracks form that series, AC has pretty much everything, or a mod for it. new or old F1, old lotus cortinas, hypercars, family saloons, and hundreds of tracks.
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  4. AC is the starting point if you are getting into it.
    Tons of content, limitless with modding, lower requirements, and very populated multiplayer.

    ACC is great if you are looking for a hardcore GT experience but the hardware requirements are a bit more demanding.

    Highly suggest running the following mods with AC.
    Content Manager
    Custom Shaders Patch
    ^ those mods brings AC up to date and add many elements missing in the vanilla game.

    You will also want to look into the app called Crew Chief.
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  5. This is personal screenshots of AC + CM, CSP, SOL, and some mod content.

  6. Except we're in the console forum... so there are no mods for anything.
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  7. ah, I respond on mobile so that info is not obvious unless viewed in Desktop mode.

    I assumed the question was aimed at PC because no one can answer about ACC (console)
  8. What platform do you intend to start sim racing on?
    console, PC, etc.
  9. That makes sense! I just know that it was tough for me when I started figuring things out in AC on the XBOX because I was reading instructions about how to change settings and go to menus that just didn't seem to exist. Then I saw more about people modifying files and realized that much of the information was PC-only, but would hate for someone to jump into AC because the ONE car or track they wanted was available (as a mod) only to find out that they couldn't actually use it because of platform limitations.
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  10. Marek R.

    Marek R. Rookie

    I as a beginner too would say the major differences are AC with the ultimate Edition (all dlc's) has many cars of different types. And also ATM AC is the best way for consoles sim racing. ACC atm is pretty hard to drive cause of many wheel issues. In my case G29. But Kunos will patch it soon hopefully.

    But ACC is like formula 1 of sim racing. If you want to experience The GT wourld Challenge with all teams, drivers, cars and liveries then i would go for ACC.
    And only the sound is so awesome in this game. Mindblowing
  11. I bought both AC and ACC, as well as AMB2. My Fanatec components are ordered as of 3 weeks ago. I'm thinking delivery should be the end of July or early August the latest I hope.

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