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AC Forums private trackday server

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Wealthysoup, May 9, 2014.

  1. Wealthysoup

    Wealthysoup Simracer

    I saw a few requests in the other thread for a private AC Forums server.

    "! Wealthysoup #3 AC Forums Trackday" is now up with a password.

    Password is: acforum

    24 slots, events will be announced on steam regularly and in this thread.
    Teamspeak is also up at: ts3.epic-empires.co.uk


    OK. I have made the following steamgroup.

    I will be organising event times and posting it in there.


    Note that you do not need to be a fast driver. All I ask for is mostly clean racing.

    Next event:Saturday 8th November. 18 minute qualifying and 8 lap races
    GT2 cars
    Booking opens at 7.00PM UK time and closes at 7.05PM sharp

    As usual the server will be shut for 30 minutes prior to the event. Booking will open at 7.00PM and will end around 7.05PM.

    To keep up to date with the latest events join the steamgroup
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2014

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  3. mistery

    mistery Hardcore Simmer

    Very noble of you kind sir.
    Dick Forrest likes this.
  4. cooknn

    cooknn Hardcore Simmer

    You rock!
  5. Felice Pugliese

    Felice Pugliese Hardcore Simmer

    great !!! bat racersss now ?????c'monnnn!!!!
  6. CanOx

    CanOx Simracer

    Server contains unavailable content?
  7. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    I got that too but still let me start the session once it opened. I am the only one there so not much MP action going on ;)
  8. Wealthysoup

    Wealthysoup Simracer

    My bad. Fixed now. Had an extra ";" at the end of the car list

    Sorry if i booted you out, had to be done so everyone else was happy :)
  9. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    I left once I saw nobody was there, kind of defeats the purpose of MP when your on your own.
  10. CanOx

    CanOx Simracer

    Im racing with Balazs on the server.. only two of us. Hes in a BMW and me in a Lotus
    Our laps are 0.400 apart
    Balazs Gerencser likes this.
  11. Wealthysoup

    Wealthysoup Simracer

    Yeah it was asked for so I fired one up. That was a couple of pretty close laps in that GT3 race :)
    martcerv likes this.
  12. Bullie

    Bullie Gamer

    Without knowing you're from the AC forum I had a couple ir races on your server this afternoon. The Gt3 race at vallelunga was epic. All drivers with superb track Beauvoir. Congratulations

    I drive with real name Sergio Tavares instead of bullie

    Enviado do meu C5303 através de Tapatalk
    Wealthysoup likes this.
  13. CTR69

    CTR69 Racer

    So when are the races? all the time? cos I don't see the server
  14. Wealthysoup

    Wealthysoup Simracer

    Yeah someone knocked me off track by bumping me in a corner (he got away with it fine) and he waited until I had got back on the track and got ahead of him again. Couldn't believe how good the etiquette was.

    That and the high percentage of people doing safe rejoins after going off is great
    Last edited: May 10, 2014
  15. CanOx

    CanOx Simracer

    Im really sorry to anyone who I crashed on the server! I was in a few GT3 races.. good mix of talent.
    I think I saw a few people from the forum but its hard to tell with real names/forum names. Im Canox everywhere.
    Maybe you could put your AC profile name in your signature?
  16. Wealthysoup

    Wealthysoup Simracer

    I've got Wealthysoup at the end of my name it's just everyone else that I'm not sure about :)
  17. Wealthysoup

    Wealthysoup Simracer

    Theres a passworded server if anyone on the forums wants to use it. If not I also have 2 public servers up at the minute (gt3 and bmw m series). All 3 start with Wealthysoup so shouldn't be hard to find
  18. CanOx

    CanOx Simracer

    Cool. Thx again for the servers... hope some ppl will start hopping on TeamSpeak
  19. Wealthysoup

    Wealthysoup Simracer

    Yeah I need to get a permanent assetto corsa channel set up. If its missing from teamspeak then feel free to right click and create channel :)
  20. Voodoo

    Voodoo Gamer

    I am really missing some TS action when racing. Got my twitch set up earlier and had a few races. Much fun!
  21. Nao

    Nao Alien

    I was on TS for a while but nobody used it so i bailed...

    Anyways, Thanks Wealthysoup for setting this up. Btw i think one of the servers has been taken hostage by someone because it's not finishing race (it might be not refreshing on my side). See you guys around tomorrow :).

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