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Ac need iracing multiplayer sistem

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Omelete, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. TCLF

    TCLF Alien

    Because people prefer owning stuff over hiring stuff. Also, comparing AC with primary living expenses is complete nonsense.
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  2. Omelete

    Omelete Racer

    Maybe to add multiplayer pay system optional for seriuos simracer all Will be happy
  3. Quffy

    Quffy Alien

    Let's just wait and see the v1.1 update before forcing drastic changes to the game structure.
  4. spidiG

    spidiG Racer

    What is multiplayer?
  5. Leemstradamus

    Leemstradamus Hardcore Simmer

    I don't think owning stuff has any thing to do with a structured online system. The game is modable. You can have a system of servers that offer the desired rules and have them locked to a password that checks if you have paid your monthly payment. Kind of like the ban list but in reverse.
  6. sinbad

    sinbad Racer

    iRacing MP system? No thanks, but it works. LFS MP system? The opposite of the rigid structure of iRacing. Offers much freedom to hosts and a wealth of features and options that are taken for granted. Refined for more than a decade, if you can think of it, they probably added it already.

    The two are very different, but the fact that AC didn't really aim at either end of the spectrum is what really frustrates me. If I wanted organised, scheduled, reliable racing, I'd still go back to iRacing, and if I want to have 3 or 4 races in an hour of play, have a laugh with people, and just enjoy the fun of racing people for what it is, I'd ALWAYS fire up LFS.

    AC is basically nothing more than a platform for mods. As an online racer, it's wayy below average.
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  7. Quffy

    Quffy Alien

    I don't know the LFS multiplayer system.. do you think it would work here? Can you please explain what consists of?
  8. Turk

    Turk Alien

    But there are paid for multiplayer options out there if people want to pay for them. Racedepartment has leagues, organised races, a license system where you can take part without being world class and a penalty system to punish people who don't follow the rules. I'm sure there are other sites out there too, probably some free ones, racedepartment is just the site I'm part of.

    I think Kunos are taking the right path. Assetto corsa has opened up opportunities for other people and companies to make some money out of their game, through mods and organised leagues. Kunos are focusing on the core functionality of the sim but they clearly have opportunities to implement a never ending list of features if they find out they will be popular. To take on that features list now would be too much for them I think.
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  9. sinbad

    sinbad Racer

    It would be easy to list the the numerous simple things which AC doesn't have, and really if I listed the things that LFS simply does better I would be listing virtually everything.

    It's all simple. A great chat system (with server messages and the option to block all messages, naturally), and a waiting/meeting room (with chat, of course). Mid race join-host and join-session (if the host allows it). Easy majority-based voting to restart races. Car change whilst in-host. Track and car/class changes without disconnection from host. One-button or auto replay saving. A great spectator mode, easy, slick car and camera switching. Setup sharing at any time whilst on-track. LFS-world stats tracking. I could go on and on tbh, and this is ignoring the basic game-option-list which is hugely extensive and ALWAYS available (but that's more an AC criticism than an AC mp criticism.

    www.lfs.net Get the demo, play it for a few nights. Ignore the occasional "wrecker" (you won't mind because unlike some other sims, you'll have perhaps dozens of races in a single night, not just one or two).
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  10. Sean

    Sean Simracer

    Yep, if you want to see how perfect, intuitive and streamlined MP sim racing can be, give LFS a try. It's some what dated looking these days, but the Physics, FFB and (most importantly in this discussion) Online system are second to none. Like Sinbad says, get the Demo and have ago.

  11. Niki Đaković

    Niki Đaković Hardcore Simmer

    Every simulation in the world has pit-limiter, ac doesn't. Beat that!
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  12. Bailey

    Bailey Alien

    AC is so advanced that the limiter is automatic!
  13. Epocx

    Epocx Alien

    we need more sistem.
    why didnt anyone think of it yet????
  14. Turk

    Turk Alien

    But, there is a pit limiter.. :confused:
  15. Wildkatz

    Wildkatz Gamer

    I don't like to pay for multiplayer but there are a few things I really really want for AC MP which Iracing already has:

    - spectator mode (with a camera perspective from a helicopter - for spotting)
    - possibility to switch the driver in one car (for team racing)
    - endurance length (6h+)
    - 30+ car slots for real multi-class racing

    For clean racing you can organize yourself in a league.
  16. TomTrick

    TomTrick Gamer

    Kunos doesn't need to do this. This type,of service could be built outside of AC with server hosting and a subscription. I'd pay for that. If I didn't have so many other things on my plate I would do it myself! Hmm, wonder if there would be enough interest in doing this to make it economically self sufficient at a reasonable monthly cost? How many copies have kunos sold?
  17. Quffy

    Quffy Alien

    Over 99.999 (yes, really). But no they aren't swimming in money I believe.. everything was used to cover the costs and pay the bills for game development and cars/tracks licenses during early access and post game release. You can check that by number of registered members in this forum.
  18. WildStyle*

    WildStyle* Racer

    What AC needs is a more refined online experience, something that doesn't strike anyone as an beta, honestly when I jump into the game it still feels like a bearly playable alpha with not as many bugs...If only they would refine the multiplayer system in general and introduce some sort of rating system even as seen on LFS rating system that is server based. Best of both worlds is what I would like to see. Refine the multiplayer system, take what is already there in such games as LFS and iRacing, don't have to pick one, but the best of what they offer, and introduce it to AC. There are lots of things AC needs to refine, like the single player? This was supposed to be a single player game with multiplayer as bonus and yet it seems to be the other way around, but since multiplayer is the afterthought AC gives no good experience in any way. The pysics are Great and even they are not really what you would call finished? I honestly don't understand why AC left beta so early, in no way I think it is actually finished, everything about it is unfinished.
  19. Patrik Marek

    Patrik Marek Alien

    so called "problem" of not owning stuff in iRacing is easy to solve with giving you access to Single Player, which is what AC does have,

    for MP though, there needs to be some ranking/punishment system though, otherwise it's free for all, unless you race in closed league - but that's not solution for everyone
  20. TheBestBeast

    TheBestBeast Simracer

    Stefano (Kunos) once said that people have to change their minds and not the MP of the AC and I agree with that. Or simply join the league and have public servers for the training :)
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