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Ac need iracing multiplayer sistem

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Omelete, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. Sinbad already lined out many of the good LFS features, but there is tons more which makes it better than iRacing to me:

    - Auto Spectate - If you are without any input for a defined period, you get moved into spectator mode. You car is freed up for somebody else and you do not block the road
    - LFS Remote - An app on LFS World that allows you spectate the race on a simple map with top down view without even having to start the game, AWESOME! Very useful for league racing / 24h races
    - Possibility to put onsreen messages for anyone, e.g. "Use the friggn brakes after the start or you will be kicked" - that way no one will not see the message. Other example is showing "GREEN FLAG" as starting signal when making a rolling start etc etc
    - Possibility to introduce custom "rating" system and exclude players from leaving the pits (better than having a mandatory system)

    I bet the online racing in LFS at its peak was at least as good as in iRacing without all the iRacing restrictions.

    Even in AC you can get it done. 18 racers on Snoopys, you expect carnage into T1. First start --> carnage Admin kicks the culprit, second start carnage --> admin kicks another 2 culprits --> Third start perfect --> 15 cars start the race without a single issue.
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  2. bigbawmcgraw

    bigbawmcgraw Alien

    Sorry, I had to fix your last post :D
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  3. Quffy

    Quffy Alien

    Yea but people need incentive and motivation to do something, even if for the greater good and well being of all involved. We can't rely on people changing minds on their own, they need to be cleverly persuaded to change their minds and behavior. Either through shame, awkwardness, guilt, fear of losing something valuable/invested, reward, returning the favor, following what most are doing, reusing, re-play, mood changer, immersion etc..
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  4. Gorkal1ty

    Gorkal1ty Rookie

    I´m agree with the main idea. That is, MOTIVATION. I started in iRacing a month ago, and even if I only have some ****ty free cars and I´m limited to some tracks over the same week, there´s something that makes me wanna race, and that´s the Rating System. Wanting to be better than others, wanting to get into the next "class", that´s all about motivation.

    I think if AC could just take some Collission detection like iRacing (which is not so great at all) and add some rating according to your Final Position - (Collission penalties + Track-Cut Penalties) then Servers could be able to filter their driver access by that rating, and the Public Online Experience could be really improved.
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  5. MrGiggly

    MrGiggly Racer

    Afraid you can't just take some elements of the rating system and expect it to work. It only works as a whole package.

    Whats to stop a griefer colliding with you or running you off track if they dont care about their own rating. You'll end up slogging your way through chaos servers trying to reach the clean ones, fragment the mp community across servers which is already much smaller than iRacing, and have bitter wars when incidents occur that drop your rating below server requirements.

    A rating system needs serious structure and constant management. Kunos don't have the time or resource for that.
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  6. Omelete

    Omelete Racer

    if kunos don't have resources..... turn off y go away.....

    we need any motivation for racing..... irating an sr are the way.
  7. Lord Kunos

    Lord Kunos His master's voice. Staff Member KS Dev Team

    perhaps you want to try to say that in english so I can decide if I have to ban you or not?
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  8. ChrisR

    ChrisR Alien

    They could make a server app which was like the old CTRA server stuff in lfs.

    It basically works on a points system. Say there are 4 servers, you start in the beginner one and you cant progress to te bext server until you have gained enough points.. You gain points by finishing the races.. if you win you gain the most, if you just finish you gain the least. If you dont finish you get nothing.

    Say server 2 requires 500 points, 3rd 1000, 4th 2000...

    but as soon as you go above the required limit the server doesnt count your points if you win to stop fast guys going into beginner servers and getting points easy.

    Cars and tracks are based upon the server level.

    People can have their own servers and with the app they can choose what level server they setup so its not down to kunos to keep it running.
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  9. ChrisR

    ChrisR Alien

    Or even easier..

    Just have a lfsworld type website which keeps track of all your races etc and you get a different licence or coloured star etc based on how many races you finish, win, participate in.

    And a basic points system could be used based on your finish position which gives you a kind of irating, if you dont finish you get minus points, if you win you get the most and then whatever in between.. That way you will always have a floating number..

    This number could be used to stop people joining a server, or it could just be used as a display to show your commitment and skill.

    A person with a high number is better, cleaner, safer etc than someone with a low number.
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  10. Jynnantonix

    Jynnantonix Simracer

    I think this is a very debatable point. I don't necessarily know if you're wrong, I think we'd need an actual race driver to decide who can compare with real life. For the most part I also prefer the feeling of AC driving (although the new formula renault feels awesome), but racing AI gets boring for me fast, and getting wrecked in T1 in AC online gets boring fast too. Also even when I do have the occasional good race in AC, there's no real feeling of risk/reward you have in IR. In IR, in the popular series you have your goal of moving up splits to face the faster guys, and once you're there to try win a top split race.

    Also the fact that you're in a split with similar skill racers means the racing is normally very close and exciting, something that is not common in AC. I barely play AC recently, but if it got an Iracing like system, I would be all over it.
  11. Omelete

    Omelete Racer

    i agree with you.

    Kunos soy español y ya que me has leido prefiero expresarme en español que lo hare mejor....
    tienes un simulador que con neumaticos de calle se comporta muy bien, pero cuando entramos en terreno de neumaticos de competicion es muy pobre, iracing, automobilista o rfactor esta por encima en este aspecto, pero este no es el tema a tratar, si assetto corsa no termina de despegar es porque no hay un sistema online en condiciones tipo iracing..... Se puede entender que un sistema asi es caro de mantener, pero si haces un sistema de pago suscripcion solamente opcional para los pilotos que quieran correr carreras mas ajustadas limpias y emocionantes estoy seguro que ganarias ventas del titulo.
    por ultimo rackservice en la 1.5 ha dado muchos problemas en mi pais, aunque ahora parecen arreglados.
    un saludo stefano.
  12. Omelete

    Omelete Racer

    i don't speek english right

    read me in spanish.
  13. Kopiller

    Kopiller Simracer

    And why has to understand spanish?
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  14. Kopiller

    Kopiller Simracer

    If we want iracing style service is in the hands of the comunity to do so, kunos have given us the tools, minolin made minorating, now we need a system to sort players in the server by performance.
  15. juandb78

    juandb78 Racer

  16. These "clean racing solutions" threads are always so fun to read. Apart from the hurting brain side effect.
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  17. eXo

    eXo Racer

    This because we don't read this in spanish William. I'm now trying to wear my espadrillas and read again.
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